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Season 1: Episode 19: Eli's Coming

Dan: Ernie Els, who missed eight fairways on the back-nine, still managed to finish the day one under par to stay within three strokes of the leader, Tiger Woods, who some of you may have heard of.
Casey: That's all for us. Don't forget, tomorrow's a big day as March Madness heads into the ronde de seize. You can join us starting at three o'clock when Dan and I'll begin our continuing coverage of the Sweet 16. We'll be joined by analysts in the field and Bobbi Bernstein right here in the studio. (Dan chokes on his water at this) The fun starts tomorrow afternoon at three and we'll be with you straight through till eleven p.m. You've been watching Sports Night on CSC, have a good night.
Dan: G'night.
Dave: Music.
Will: Go.
Dave: Animation.
Chris: Go.
Dave: We're out.
Dan: Whoa.
Casey: Take it easy.
Dan: Whoa.
Casey: Dan--
Dan: When did this happen?
Casey: You're talking about Bobbi Bernstein?
Dan: Yes, yes I am, I'm talking about Bobbi Bernstein.
Casey: I guess Dana forgot to tell you.
Dan: I guess she did, Casey, I guess she forgot to tell me.
Dana: Oh, hey, you know what, Dan? I forgot to tell you about Bobbi Bernstein.
Dan: Yes you did.
Dana: Bobbi's sitting in for Jack.
Dan: What's wrong with Jack?
Dana: He's sick.
Dan: How sick?
Dana: He's got flu-like symptoms.
Dan: Oh honestly, who doesn't?!
Dana: What's the problem with Bobbi Bernstein?
Dan: No problem.
Dana: She's good.
Dan: She's very good.
Dana: Knows college basketball.
Dan: She's very good.
Dana: Listen, Isaac's gonna want to show us pictures from his vacation, so I'm gonna get a "welcome back" cake and we'll have a little party in his office tomorrow.
Casey: What kind of cake?
Dana: What kind of cake?
Casey: Yes.
Dana: I don't know, Casey, why do you ask?
Casey: I'm particular about cake. And I have to say, it's been my experience that men buy better cake than women. I've found that women tend to get these yogurt-frosted low-cal things laced with a rum and fruit concoction that make eating cake into something you do to be polite. So that's why I was asking what kind of cake you were planning on getting to celebrate Isaac returning from vacation.
Dana: Wow. I didn't know you felt so strongly about it. But now that I do, I guess the answer is "whatever cake I damn please."
Casey: Excellent.
Dana: Bobbi's coming in from St. Louis, she'll be here a little before three.
Dan: Good.
Dana: There's no problem with Bobbi?
Dan: No ma'am.
Dana: Good. (Dana walks off. Dan stares at Casey for a moment)
Casey: I'd go for it. (Dan follows Dana into Editing Room)

Editing Room
Dan: Dana--
Dana: Can you believe I get a whole little "cake" speech from that guy?
Dan: Yeah--
Dana: Is there anything he won't make a speech about? Is there anything he won't sit in judgement on? I mean I'm sorry for ending two sentences in a row with a preposition like that, but no kidding, Danny--
Dan: Dana.
Dana: Yeah?
Dan: Hi.
Dana: Hi.
Dan: Here's the thing: Bobbi and I have a very peculiar relationship.
Dana: I didn't know you had a relationship.
Dan: We don't.
Dana: I'm confused.
Dan: You and me both.
Dana: Dan--
Dan: When I tell people this they don't believe me. They think I'm lying.
Dana: Don't be ridiculous, Dan, of course I'm gonna believe you.
Dan: You say that now, and that's nice, but then I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say, and you're not gonna believe me.
Dana: I'll believe you.
Dan: Really?
Dana: I'm standing here telling you I'll believe you.
Dan: Bobbi Bernstein is convinced that a long time ago, in a hotel room in Spain, she and I slept together and that I never called her again. Now, three things are important. I've never met Bobbi Bernstein until she started doing field work for the show. I've never slept with Bobbi Bernstein, and I have never been to Spain. Thank you for believing me.
Dana: Danny.
Dan: What?
Dana: You never called her.
Dan: Dana--
Dana: Women like a phone call, Danny.
Dan: Okay, listen, there's something in the stuff you guys are putting in your hair.
Dana: Let me tell you something, I put nothing in my hair. I was born with this hair and not enough people know that.
Dan: Rebecca's gonna be here tomorrow.
Dana: Rebecca, by the way, colors her hair.
Dan: Dana--
Dana: She's a lovely woman but I'm saying that's not her natural hair color.
Dan: Nonetheless, I think I'd like to keep her on as my girlfriend. Rebecca and I are in a very delicate period of our relationship, and if she's standing around while Bobbi Bernstein's launching into arias about how I never called her after sleeping with her in Spain--
Dana: You should've called her.
Dan: I didn't sleep with her.
Dana: Flower's would've killed ya.
Dan: You're gonna be no help, are you?
Dana: It doesn't look like it, does it.
Dan: No.
Casey: (walks by) Chocolate cake. Chocolate filled, chocolate frosted, chocolate cake. I'm just sayin'.

News Room
Casey: There are days. Days that separate the men from the Men.
Kim: The men from the men?
Casey: That's right.
Elliot: What does--
Casey: The second "men" was with a capital "M".
Kim: Ah.
Casey: There are these days. This is one of those days. You should enjoy the moment.
Elliot: What moment?
Casey: This moment. The Sweet Sixteen. Expanded Coverage. Don't you love expanded coverage?
Elliot: Yes.
Casey: All day and all night. A foxhole mentality. Enjoy this moment.
Dan: Casey--
Casey: I'm pumping up the troops.
Dan: That's great. Lemme talk to you.
Casey: All right. While I'm gone, everyone should still continue enjoying the moment.
Dan: Listen to this, and this is all I want to tell you, and then I'm not gonna say anything else. I just went down to Rebecca's office and Steve Sisco was there.
Casey: Expanded coverage. All day, all night.
Dan: Maybe I'll talk about it a little more than that.
Casey: Steve Sisco was in her office?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: On a Saturday?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: What's Steve Sisco doing in her office on a Saturday?
Dan: Who cares that it's Saturday? What's Steve Sisco doing in her office?
Casey: Hey, Rebecca, Steve Sisco, Bobbi Bernstein. You're gonna have quite a little day.
Dan: Yeah, but I'm not talkin' about it and I'm not thinkin' about it.
Casey: Good.
Dan: We've got a lot of hours on the air today.
Casey: That's right.
Dan: The point is, Steve Sisco was in Rebecca's office--
Casey: On a Saturday.
Dan: --on a Saturday. My girlfriend's ex-husband was in her office on a Saturday, and I'm fine.
Casey: Good.
Dan: And I'm not saying "I'm fine" in that dramatic way that's obviously meant to indicate that I'm not fine. That's not what I meant when I said "I'm fine".
Casey: What did you mean?
Dan: I meant I'm fine.
Casey: Okay.
Dan: I am.
Casey: Excellent.
Dan: Look at me.
Casey: I am.
Dan: Don't I look fine?
Casey: You look good.
Dan: I do.
Casey: You're a good looking man, Danny.
Dan: Moreover, my girlfriend's in her office talking to her ex-husband, it's all happening on a Saturday, and guess what?
Casey: You're fine?
Dan: I'm fine.
Casey: I want you to know right now how frightened I am of today's broadcast.
Dan: Yeah, I hear ya.

Isaac's Office
Dana: A little higher.
Natalie: Me?
Dana: Jeremy.
Jeremy: Higher?
Dana: Yes.
Jeremy: There?
Dana: Too high. Actually. Wait. Yes. Natalie, you go higher. Right there.
Jeremy: Good?
Dana: Yes.
Natalie: We can come down now?
Dana: By all means. Take a look. I like it. I like the visual image, don't you? The city skyline, the banner--
Natalie: Yes.
Dana: Here's the thing:
Natalie: What.
Dana: I'm not wild about the text.
Natalie: The text?
Dana: Yeah.
Jeremy: It says "Welcome Back".
Dana: Right.
Natalie: What's the problem?
Dana: I don't know, it's a little on the nose, don't you think?
Natalie: Welcome back?
Dana: Yes.
Natalie: Do I think it's on the nose?
Dana: Yes.
Natalie: I suppose I do.
Dana: But it doesn't bother you?
Natalie: Not that much.
Dana: You know who it would bother?
Natalie: Who?
Dana: Casey. I think it would bother Casey. I find Casey to be judgemental. And in my case I find him to be hyper-judgemental.
Jeremy: Did he say something about your hair?
Dana: No, he said something about--wait, what would he say about my hair?
Dan: (enters with Casey) Listen to this: And I'm just gonna say this and then that's the end of it. Steve Sisco's with Rebecca in her office right now.
Natalie: Really?
Dan: Yeah.
Natalie: On a Saturday?
Dan: What the hell--
Dana: Danny--
Dan: I'm fine.
Dana: What do you think?
Casey: About what?
Dana: About the banner.
Casey: I like it.
Dana: Do you?
Casey: It's a good banner.
Dana: You don't think it's on the nose?
Casey: Welcome back?
Dana: Yeah.
Casey: I think it's precise.
Dana: Really?
Casey: Yes.
Dana: Thank you.
Casey: There's an economy of language.
Dana: Oh and that's unusual for me? Like I'm the one who can't shut up?
Casey: Dana--
Dana: You're damn right there's an economy of language. I got the job done in two words. And I think... I can make another cut. Yes. We don't need "back". We can cut the "back".
Jeremy: Cut the "back"?
Dana: Yes.
Jeremy: And have it just say "Welcome"?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: Welcome?
Dana: Do you have a problem with that?
Jeremy: He'll think he just cleared Customs.
Casey: He's got a point.
Natalie: What if you add an exclamation point?
Dana: I'm going to get the cake.
Casey: Also, it should be a little higher on the right.
Dana: Shut up.

Control Room/Studio
Dave: (VO) Two minutes to VTR, three minutes live.
Kim: Live in three minutes.
Natalie: Let me hear 'em. Continental Arena.
Chris: On 1.
Natalie: Thompson-Boling.
Will: Up on two.
Natalie: Trans World Dome?
Chris: They are coming.
Natalie: America West.
Will: On 4.
Natalie: Dana, we're still waiting for the Trans World Dome but your team's on the field.
Dana: I think it's strange that Isaac isn't here.
Natalie: When was he supposed to get in?
Dana: He said he'd be here well before the show started.
Natalie: The show hasn't started yet.
Dana: Yeah, but he said he'd be here well before the show started. It's now two minutes before the show is starting.
Natalie: Was he coming right from the airport?
Dana: Yeah.
Jeremy: Maybe he stopped off.
Dana: Where?
Jeremy: For a pretzel.
Dana: I'm serious, he was supposed to--
Jeremy: The man's been in Europe for two weeks, he hasn't had a decent pretzel, maybe he stopped off and that was the cause for the delay.
Dana: And how long does it take to buy a pretzel?
Jeremy: Well you've punctured a hole in my theory.
Natalie: Also Bobbi isn't here yet.
Jeremy: She called from the car.
Dana: And?
Jeremy: Stopped off for a pretzel.
Dana: Jeremy--
Jeremy: She's on her way in.
Dave: Roll VTR, 60 seconds live.

Dan: This day's got the earmarks, Casey. Where's Rebecca? I ask you that. She was gonna come by to hang out a little bit, yet she's down in her office hangin' out with Steve Sisco.
Casey: But you're fine.
Dan: Rebecca isn't here, Isaac isn't here. There's a strangeness about this day.
Dave: 30 seconds live.
Dan: Eli's coming.
Casey: Eli?
Dan: From the Three Dog Night song.
Casey: Yes.
Dan: Eli is something bad. A darkness.
Casey: "Eli's coming, hide your heart girl." Eli's an inveterate womanizer. I think you're getting the song wrong.
Dan: I know I'm getting the song wrong, but when I first heard it, that's what I always thought it meant, and things stick with you that way.
Dave: In three, two--
Casey: Good afternoon, from New York City I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell. Lions and Tigers and Bearcats, oh my! We've got expanded coverage of the NC Double-A Men's Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness.
Dan: We'll be taking you to Knoxville, East Rutherford and St. Louis, where the Jayhawks are about to tip off, and we want to bring you up to date on some developments out in Phoenix, so we're gonna take you to the America West Arena right after this. You're watching a special Saturday expanded edition of Sports Night on CSC. We're just getting' started, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.
Kim: Two minutes back.
Dan: They say it's always calmest before the storm. That's not true. I'm a serious sailor. It isn't calm before the storm. Stuff happens.
Natalie: Look who's here.
Bobbi: (enters) Hey Casey.
Casey: Hey Bobbi.
Bobbi: Hello Dan.
Dan: Eli's coming.


Dan and Bobbi are sitting at the desk. Bobbi is obviously working as Dan observes silently, clearly expecting something.
Dan: How ya doin'.
Bobbi: Oh I'm fine, Dan. I'm doing fine.
Dave: In three, two--
Dan: Hello again. We'll send you back to Knoxville in just a moment, but first I'm joined by CSC analyst Bobbi Bernstein. Bobbi, is Virginia's first-half press a surprise to anyone?
Bobbi: Dan, the Cavs came out on defense doing exactly what they said they'd do, and that's contain Martin McMurtry. Let's go to the first-half video tape and you can see...

Dana: What do you know?
Elliot: They said his plane landed four hours ago.
Dana: And there's no answer at the house?
Elliot: No.
Jeremy: Dana? No kidding. Saturday night coming in from JFK. If he took the Triboro, four hours wouldn't be a record.
Dana: Yeah okay.
Jeremy: Elliot call the airline. Call Heathrow, see if he got on the plane.
Elliot: Okay.

Bobbi: ...down by six with McMurtry posting up, and the defense just collapses on him. That's what Virginia's been doing all season, Dan, that's what Georgia Tech's gonna see all night long.
Dan: And how's Rebecca's ankle?
Bobbi: I'm sorry?
Dan: Rick. O'Brien. How's Rick O'Brien's ankle?
Bobbi: X-ray's are negative and O'Brien could see action in the second half.
Dan: Thanks very much. Bobbi Bernstein will be with us throughout the evening as we send you back to the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Dave: We're out.
Dan: Sorry about that.
Bobbi: Don't worry about it.
Dan: It's hard not to notice that you're a little calmer than usual.
Bobbi: Look, Danny, I know you're worried I'm gonna go turbo on you. It's really okay.
Dan: What's really okay?
Bobbi: It.
Dan: It?
Bobbi: Yes.
Dan: Bobbi--
Bobbi: I don't know why you're pretending you don't remember. You're obviously not addle minded. Let's just forget it.
Dan: No let's not forget it. You know I've done enough rotten things to women I like. There's no question I'm going straight to hell. I really don't need you padding the ballot box.
Bobbi: Dan--
Dan: The reason I never called you after sleeping with you in Spain is that I never slept with you in Spain. And the reason I never slept with you in Spain is that I've never been to Spain. And the next time you bring this up, you better be armed with a photograph of me in a hotel room with you in Spain. (Bobbi hands over a worn photograph) That's me.
Bobbi: Yes. Can you read what it says on the towel?
Dan: "Hotel de Espana".
Bobbi: Yes.
Dan: Wait a second, I was at that hotel.
Bobbi: Yes.
Dan: The Hotel de Espana's in Spain?
Bobbi: Yes. Can I have that picture back now?
Dan: Wait a second. That's me. That's me in this picture, but that's not you.
Bobbi: Yes it is.
Dan: No it's not. I know this girl.
Bobbi: Yes.
Dan: I know this girl.
Bobbi: Yes.
Dan: Her name's Roberta. Oh holy cow.
Bobbi: Bobbi Bernstein. Nice to meet you.
Dan: Bobbi, this looks nothing like you.
Bobbi: Yeah--
Dan: I mean--
Bobbi: I turned into quite the babe, didn't I?
Dan: I...uh...I mean... honestly.... I....
Bobbi: Yeah.
Rebecca: (enters) My ankle's fine.
Dan: Hey.
Rebecca: They put some ice on it and shot me up with cortisone, I'm good to go.
Dan: This is Rebecca Wells, she works downstairs. Bobbi Bernstein.
Rebecca: Hi.
Bobbi: Nice to meet you.
Rebecca: You have time for coffee?
Dan: Nat, do I have a little time?
Natalie: Four and half minutes.
Bobbi: I'm gonna look over some tape.
Dan: Yeah. Can I make you a sandwich?
Rebecca: No thanks. In fact, I didn't even really want coffee.
Dan: We have espresso and cappuccino.
Rebecca: What I meant was--
Dan: And due to a budget surplus, I can now offer you latte.
Rebecca: Dan--
Dan: But it's gonna look and taste an awful lot like the espresso and the cappuccino.
Rebecca: Danny.
Dan: In there. (Tthey enter the Editing Room)
Rebecca: Was that weird for you?
Dan: Seeing Steve Sisco in your office?
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: No.
Rebecca: Really?
Dan: Yes.
Rebecca: It wasn't?
Dan: No.
Rebecca: It wasn't weird for you?
Dan: No. (Rebecca kisses him quickly) It was weird for me.
Rebecca: Don't you want to ask me why he was there?
Dan: No.
Rebecca: Really?
Dan: It's none of my business.
Rebecca: It's a little your business.
Dan: We've been dating for two weeks.
Rebecca: He was in my office on a Saturday.
Dan: Why does everyone care that it's Saturday? Would it be okay if he'd been in your office on a Tuesday?
Rebecca: Would it?
Dan: It's none of my business.
Rebecca: So you don't want to know why he was in my office on a Saturday?
Dan: No. (Rebecca kisses him again.) Why was he in your office on a Saturday?
Rebecca: Danny, Steve and I aren't divorced.
Dan: You're not.
Rebecca: No.
Dan: You're married.
Rebecca: We're separated.
Dan: I see.
Rebecca: Are you upset?
Dan: No.
Rebecca: Really?
Dan: Yes. (Rebecca goes to kiss him but Dan pulls away) Get away from me with that thing, of course I'm upset, what're you nuts? Huh? Are you just some nutty, nut-girl who's nuts? There's a difference between divorced and separated. One is divorced and the other is separated. That's why they have those names. I never imagined that in a building populated by me, you, Casey, Dana, Natalie and Jeremy, Bobbi Bernstein would turn out to be the sanest person here! Separated means you're thinking about getting divorced. It also means you're thinking about not getting divorced.
Rebecca: Are you finished?
Dan: No, I'm not finished. Yes, I'm finished.
Rebecca: I'm sorry I lied to you. If it's any consolation, I never felt like I was lying. I felt like I was withholding the truth.
Dan: Yes, that's a huge consolation, Rebecca.
Kim: Dan, 60 seconds.
Dan: So why was he in the office? It was nothing, right? He just stopped by.
Rebecca: He wants to go into counseling.
Dan: Let me tell you, that guy could use counseling. He is, among other things, an inveterate womanizer, not unlike the title character from the song by Three Dog Night if you choose to look at it that way, which I don't. I see it as a portent of something dark. But.... that's not what you meant by counseling.
Rebecca: No.
Dan: He wants to go into couples counseling.
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: With you.
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: I gotta go back on the air.
Rebecca: Danny--
Dan: For just a second. I'll be right back. (exits)

Control Room/Studio
Dave: We're in the studio in 20.
Will: Stand by 14.
Chris: Stand by F/X A-1. Apple-1.
Dana: What's the rule on when do you call the police?
Jeremy: Well in my house it was 15 minutes after school let out.

Dave: In three...two...
Casey: So much basketball, so little time. We're gonna bring you some first-half highlights of Memphis/Cincinnati before we toss you out to The America West Arena, but first, a paid commercial announcement from one of our many sponsors.
Dan: You're watching a special expanded edition of Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.
Natalie: Don't anybody go too far.
Dan: Hang on a second. I feel stupid. Be right back.

Dana: I'm saying five more minutes.
Natalie: 'Till what?
Dana: 'Till I call the police.
Natalie: Okay.
Casey: (enters) Hey.
Jeremy: Hey Casey.
Casey: Hey Jeremy. Boy, it's been a long time since I've been in here during a show.
Dana: I can't tell you how much we've missed you.
Casey: Thank you. So what're you guys doing?
Natalie: Sometimes it's a little hard to tell.
Casey: I think the show's going well.
Dana: Do you?
Casey: Yes.
Dana: 'Cause you're approval is important to me.
Casey: Dana, whatever we're gonna do, can we not do it in front of the help. (exits, Dana follows)
Dana: I'll be right outside.
Dave: Three minutes back.

Conference Room
Casey: What's the problem?
Dana: Let me off the hook.
Casey: For what?
Dana: You know for what.
Casey: I don't.
Dana: You do.
Casey: I really don't.
Dana: You really do.
Casey: You dumped the show off to Sally.
Dana: It was after one o'clock in the morning.
Casey: That's right.
Dana: Fedrigotti took it to a fifth set, Casey, that match was never gonna end.
Casey: Plus Gordon was here.
Dana: Yes.
Casey: And Gordon was mad.
Dana: Yes.
Casey: So you dumped off the show.
Dana: I handed it off.
Casey: For Gordon.
Dana: Yes.
Casey: And you want me to let you off the hook?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: Well, later, when there's time, I'll see if I can let you off the hook. Right now there isn't time to let you off the hook. Right now there's our show. You'll let me know if something more important comes along, right? (exits, like the dramatic little school girl that he is)
Dana: Yeah.
Natalie: (coming out of the Control Room) Casey--
Casey: I'm there.
Natalie: (enters Conference Room) What's going on?
Dana: I want so badly to rip his face off!

Dave: In ten.

Dan & Casey's Office
Dan: Rebecca!
Rebecca: (entering after him) Did you think I'd left?
Dan: I was looking for you.
Rebecca: I wouldn't have.
Dan: Listen, there's something I forgot to tell you before.
Rebecca: What?
Dan: If you want to work on repairing your marriage... I will, in whatever way you want, support that.
Rebecca: Really?
Dan: Yeah. (Rebecca kisses him) Really.
Rebecca: I think I'd rather not think about it anymore today.
Dan: That's okay too.
Rebecca: Thanks.
Dan: (starts to leave, then turns back) He's such a bad guy, Rebecca. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but I know these things. I'm not that good myself.
Rebecca: Can I stay here and watch you on TV?
Dan: Yeah, sure.

Casey: --8 for 12 from the field, perfect from the line, he leads all scorers with 31 points, besting his regular season average by five. Back to Larry and George.
Dave: We're out.
Casey: What's up?
Dan: McMurtry 5 for 5 from the arc.
Casey: He's looking good.
Dan: I've gotta get my head in the game. I've been out of it all day.
Bobbi: Dan, it's you and me next, right?
Dan: Yeah.
Bobbi: You wanna go over some stuff?
Dan: Yeah. You wanna look at this?
Casey: No, I better go talk to her. (exits)
Bobbi: I've got some pretty compelling stats from the Duke game, so if you ask me about North Carolina's bench--
Dan: What a jerk I was.
Bobbi: To who?
Dan: To you. I should have called you. If my not calling you made you feel like any less that what you are... I'm sorry.
Bobbi: Thank you.
Dan: All right, so I start you off on the North Carolina bench.

News Room
Dana: Oh and like he's never made his personal life a priority. I guess we won't count the ten years he was
married to Lisa and I had to stand around and watch that. And who the hell is he to judge--
Natalie: Dana--
Dana: --no I really don't understand this.
Natalie: I know, but--
Dana: Who the hell is he to judge the quality of my relationship with Gordon?
Casey: (exiting the Control Room) Dana.
Dana: Oh excellent, 'cause I'm due for another scolding.
Casey: Dana. Isaac's at Columbia Presbyterian. He's had a stroke.
Dana: What?
Casey: Isaac had a stroke at the airport. I don't know anymore than that.
Natalie: Oh my God.
Casey: I have to go tell Danny. </i>(exits)</i>
Dave: 30 seconds back.
Dana: I need a drink of water.

Dan: Coaching vacancies would be good for the 7-block, but I can tease it right now.
Bobbi: Okay.
Casey: Dan.
Dan: Yeah.
Casey: Isaac's had a stroke. ("Eli's Coming" by Three Dog Night starts to play)
Dan: Is it bad?
Casey: We'll go to the hospital after the show.
Dan: Is it bad?
Casey: Yeah.
Dave: In ten.
Casey: Are you okay?
Dan: Yeah.
Casey: Danny--
Dan: Casey. I'm fine.
Dave: In three...two...
Dan: Welcome back, if you're joining us from East Rutherford, I'm joined once again by CSC analyst Bobbi Bernstein. Bobbi, let's talk about the North Carolina bench.
Bobbi: Nine players averaging at least six points a game. Larry Rambis, back from the hamstring...
Dan & Bobbi continue to talk as the music plays.


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