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Season 2: Episode 10: The Giants Win the Pennant, The Giants Win the Pennant

Studio/Control Room
DAVE: In 10. Stand by 1-4-4.
CHRIS: Standing.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
DAN: Good evening. From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Mike Greenwey sitting in for Casey McCall. Those stories, plus Mike Ditka goes fishing...

Sports Night continues in the background on a television at the bar. Pixley and her date, Howard, watch.
PIXLEY: I just went on a date with one of those guys.
HOWARD: From Sports Night?
HOWARD: You're kidding.
HOWARD: You dated a guy from Sports Night?
HOWARD: Which one -- Dan? Was it Dan?
PIXLEY: It's the one the guy on the right's filling in for tonight.
HOWARD: Casey?
HOWARD: You dated Casey.
PIXLEY: A date.
HOWARD: You dated Casey McCall.
PIXLEY: It was really half a date.

HOWARD: 'Cause I'm a Sports Night nut.
PIXLEY: Then you and Casey would have gotten along very well.
HOWARD: Is he a good guy?
PIXLEY: Howard--
HOWARD: I mean, in real life, is he a good guy?
PIXLEY: Howard, don't you think this time would be best spent talking about you? Or even me?
HOWARD: You went on a date with Casey McCall.
HOWARD: Are you gonna see him again?
PIXLEY: No, I'm not. There are few guarantees in this life, but here's one: I will never see Casey McCall again.
CASEY: (taps Pixley on the shoulder) How you doin'?
PIXLEY: Oh, my God.
CASEY: Isn't this a coinkydink?
CASEY: I'm Casey McCall.
HOWARD: You don't have to tell me.
PIXLEY: He's a big fan.
CASEY: Thanks.
PIXLEY: Can we go?
HOWARD: But we're having a good time.
PIXLEY: No, we're not.
CASEY: She's a tough sell.
PIXLEY: I am not a tough sell.
HOWARD: She was just telling me about your date.
PIXLEY: Half a date.
CASEY: It would have been a whole date, but she walked out.
PIXLEY: Of course I walked out.
HOWARD: Are you with someone tonight?
CASEY: Yeah, that girl who's sitting all by herself over there. Give her a wave.
PIXLEY: Don't wave, Howard.
CASEY: Her name is Jessica. She's date number eight.
PIXLEY: I think we should go now.
CASEY: You were date number one.
PIXLEY: I recall.
CASEY: There'll always be that special--
PIXLEY: Get the coats, Howard.
HOWARD: Nice meeting you.
CASEY: Nice meeting you, too. (Howard leaves to get their coats.) Seems like a nice guy.
PIXLEY: He is a nice guy.
CASEY: I started to call you, you know.
PIXLEY: You're lying.
CASEY: No, I'm not.
PIXLEY: You started to call me?
PIXLEY: What happened?
CASEY: I stopped.
CASEY: I don't have your phone number.
CASEY: But it was only that realization that prevented me from--
PIXLEY: You don't have a phone book?
CASEY: Do you know how many people there are named Pixley Robinson in the phone book?
CASEY: How many?
PIXLEY: Good night.
CASEY: Mystery solved.
PIXLEY: You should get back to that poor girl over there.
CASEY: That poor girl over there is having a perfectly fine time -- wave for a sec -- as you yourself were having until I started to tell you about my situation--
PIXLEY: That the date was a ridiculous requirement made by the girl you really wanted to be with and you wouldn't have been there if you hadn't been forced.
CASEY: You have a way of making it sound a lot worse than it really is.
PIXLEY: Make it sound better.
CASEY: Give me your phone number.
PIXLEY: Give me yours.
Casey grabs a pen and writes his phone number on Pixley's palm.
PIXLEY: You signed your name.
CASEY: Yeah, 'cause it's also an autograph.
PIXLEY: Your friend's waiting for you.
CASEY: Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely.


Backstage/News Room
DAN: How can you have not heard of this game?
DAVE: Dan, I--
DAN: It's among the greatest baseball games ever played.
DAVE: I heard you.
DAN: In the history of baseball.
DAVE: I'm not a baseball fan.
DAN: You work for a sports show.
DAVE: I'm a technical director.
DAN: At a sports show. Stop walking. Everyone should know this. In 1951, there wasn't a more passionate rivalry in sports than the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. Giants fans hated Dodger fans. Dodger fans hated Giants fans. Fathers passed it on to sons. In August, the Giants were 13 and a half games out of first place. That's insurmountable. Your season's over. But mnh-mnh. Giants come back from 13 and a half games, fall into a first-place tie with, guess who -- the Brooklyn Dodgers. Now, they play a playoff game to see who gets to go to the World Series and the Dodgers have it won, right? Until a guy named Bobby Thomson hit what they called "the shot heard 'round the world." I-- I used to listen to this tape. There's this famous announcer's call, maybe the most famous ever. "The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant!" His name was Russ Hodges and he-- he just kept going. The guy just kept going on, "the Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant!" I-- I think I listened to a tape of Russ Hodges making that call, I dunno, every night for, I think, four or five years.
DAVE: You like sports, don't you, Dan?
DAN: I really do.
DAN: Hey.
DAVE: I gotta go.
DAN: Thanks. Jeremy.
DAN: I think we should do a feature on Bobby Thomson's homer.
DAN: 50th anniversary.
JEREMY: Thomson's anniversary was '51.
DAN: That's right.
JEREMY: It's the 49th anniversary.
DAN: And deserving of a tribute.
JEREMY: A 49th anniversary tribute?
DAN: What, there's a law it's got to come with 5s and 10s?
JEREMY: Well, none that I know of.
DAN: We can make our own laws, Jeremy.
JEREMY: Why don't you talk to Isaac?
DAN: I don't need Isaac's permission. I make my own laws.
JEREMY: You do need Isaac's permission, but that's not why you should talk to him.
DAN: Why should I talk to him?
JEREMY: He was there.
DAN: Where?
JEREMY: At the game.
DAN: The Giants game?
DAN: You're kidding me.
DAN: He was there?
DAN: He never told me that.
JEREMY: Go talk to him.
DAN: How did you know that and I didn't know that?
JEREMY: Go talk to him.
DAN: I will go talk to him.
DAN: You're telling me he was there, Branca pitched, Thomson swung, crack, "the Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant!" -- he was there?
DAN: Ok.

Isaac's Office
DAN: I got a bit of a problem with you, Isaac.
ISAAC: Yes, thanks for asking. I'm feeling fine.
DAN: You were at the Giants game?
ISAAC: Which Giants game?
DAN: The one 49 years ago.
ISAAC: Bobby Thomson?
DAN: Yes.
DAN: And you never told me?
ISAAC: You never asked.
DAN: Did Jeremy ask you?
DAN: Then how did he know?
ISAAC: I told him.
DAN: We're supposed to have a special bond, Isaac.
ISAAC: We do.
DAN: Doesn't seem like it.
ISAAC: It's very special.
DAN: Not special if you have it with other people too.
ISAAC: Why did you come in here?
DAN: I want to do a piece on the game.
ISAAC: For the 49th anniversary?
DAN: There's a law that says it's gotta come in 5s and 10s, what?
ISAAC: No, no.
DAN: You covered the game.
DAN: Let me put you on camera.
DAN: To talk about the game.
DAN: Why not?
ISAAC: Well, because I said so.
DAN: Isaac, this is something that doesn't happen--
ISAAC: What is the occasion?
DAN: It's probably the greatest baseball game ever played, and spring is coming -- that's the occasion.
DAN: So you'll go on camera and talk about the game?
DAN: I want to do a feature, Isaac.
ISAAC: Go ahead.
DAN: And I want to use you.
DAN: Why not?
ISAAC: There again because I said so.
DAN: You won't do it for me?
DAN: I'm not feeling that special bond.
ISAAC: Life is like that, homey.
DAN: Ok.

Control Room
DANA: Momentarily does not mean "in a moment."
DAVE: Here's 2 dissolving to 3.
DANA: Thank you. It means "for a moment."
DANA: That makes me crazy.
JEREMY: We've been wondering what the source was.
DANA: Let's see a graphic for Seattle.
CHRIS: Coming.
DANA: It means "for a moment," not "in a moment."
CHRIS: Seattle's up.
DANA: On the plane when they say "We'll be landing momentarily," I call over a flight attendant, and I tell them, "if we land momentarily, it won't give the passengers enough time to get off the plane."
JEREMY: And once safely inside the airport, how long do they usually detain you for questioning?
DANA: Well, they know me by now.
NATALIE: (enters) Oh, Dana?
DANA: Hey.
NATALIE: A word.
DANA: Yes. I'll only be gone momentarily. Oh, notice how I didn't say "I'll be back momentarily"? That wouldn't be true as I plan on spending most of the morning on this, but I'll only be gone momentarily, which is why I said that I--
DANA: Yes! (They walk and talk through the News Room to Dana's office)
DANA: I'll tell you what else. Hopefully means "full of hope"--
DANA: "With hope in one's heart."
NATALIE: Do you remember my girlfriend Katie?
NATALIE: I have a girlfriend named Katie.
NATALIE: Katie works downstairs with a woman named Rita.
NATALIE: And Rita has a friend named Howard.
DANA: Bring it around to me.
NATALIE: Howard went out with Pixley last night.
DANA: The Pixley?
DANA: Casey's first date?
NATALIE: Yes, but here's why it's news: Casey was there.
DANA: Where?
NATALIE: On Pixley and Howard's date last night.
DANA: I thought Casey was on his own date last night.
NATALIE: He went to the same place as Howard and Pixley.
DANA: By coincidence?
NATALIE: I suppose, but that's really--
DANA: Natalie, please don't try and talk me out of the dating plan. I really put a lot of thought into it. I know what's best, and I also know what--
NATALIE: Casey wrote his number down on her hand.
DANA: Wow.
DANA: He wrote his number down on her hand?
DANA: The dating plan sucks.

Editing Room
Dan is watching a clip from the 1951 Dodgers/Giants game. Jeremy enters during clip.
RECORDING: Hartung down the line at third, not taking any chances. Lockman without too big of a lead on second but he'll be running like the wind if Thomson hits one. Branca throws...there's a long drive! It's gonna be, I believe...The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Pennant!

DAN: Jeremy?
DAN: I spoke to Isaac and yes, you're right, he was at the game. Though he also confirmed that him and I have a bond that far exceeds his and yours.
DAN: He was there. He saw it. He saw them take out Newcombe and put in Branca. He saw Thomson tap the dirt off his cleats. He saw it.
DAN: But he won't go on camera.
JEREMY: Well, I'm not surprised.
DAN: You're not?
DAN: He loves going on camera.
DAN: Oh, the stroke.
DAN: The old stroke.
DAN: Well, he's just wrong.
JEREMY: Well, maybe so, but--
DAN: He's just flat-out wrong.
JEREMY: You just leave it.
DAN: You think?
DAN: Hmm. No. I want to talk to him, make him see how wrong he is.
JEREMY: That's a good idea. Are you going to treat the subject with sensitivity?
DAN: No.
JEREMY: There you go.

Isaac's Office
Isaac is on the phone. Dan enters.
DAN: You're an idiot.
ISAAC: (in the phone) Hang on. (to Dan) Excuse me?
DAN: The reason you won't go on film with your Bobby Thomson story is you're self-conscious about the way you look and sound since the stroke.
ISAAC: Is there something wrong with the way I look and sound since the stroke?
DAN: Nope.
ISAAC: (in the phone) Honey? Danny thinks there's a problem with the way I look and talk since the stroke.
DAN: No, no, I--
ISAAC: Yeah, I thought I was looking pretty good, too--
DAN: Isaac, I--
ISAAC: But Dan doesn't think so.
DAN: It was Jeremy, actually, who--
ISAAC: I'll talk to you later. (hangs up the phone) How are you?
DAN: You won't tell your story?
DAN: We still have a special bond?
DAN: Ok.

Dan & Casey's Office
DANA: Well, well, well, well, well.
DANA: Nothin'.
DANA: Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
DANA: You know how small a world it is?
CASEY: Nope.
DANA: Natalie, who has a friend who works with a girl named Rita, who knows a girls named Katie, who knows a man named Howard, is how small a world it is.
CASEY: How can I help you?
DANA: Howard, who is a fan of yours and therefore slightly troubled, was bragging that you signed his date's hand. He, for some reason, was just too dumb to realize why you'd written your phone number as well.
CASEY: You know what?
DANA: What?
CASEY: The dating plan was your idea.
DANA: Yes, it was.
CASEY: So, I'm just sayin'...
DANA: Let's go. Have a good show.

Studio/Control Room
KIM: One minute to VTR. Two minutes live.
DAN: This is very mysterious.
DAN: The most famous home run of all time and he doesn't want to talk about it.
DAN: It's as if something about it makes him uncomfortable.
JEREMY: You know what I'd do?
DAN: What?
JEREMY: I'd keep prodding him about it until he beats you with his cane and then fires you.
DAN: Yeah. That's a good plan.
JEREMY: Thanks.
CASEY: Hey, Jeremy.
JEREMY: Good show.
CASEY: Good show.

DAVE: 30 seconds to VTR.
KIM: 90 seconds live.
NATALIE: According to the dictionary, momentarily means for "for a moment" and "in a moment."
JEREMY: Well done.
NATALIE: Monad, by the way, is "an elementary individual substance which reflects the order of the world and from which material properties are derived."
JEREMY: Thank you.
DANA: Where are we?
CHRIS: Counting in 10 to VTR.
NATALIE: You were wrong about momentarily.
DANA: Huh?
NATALIE: Are you ok?
DANA: Yeah.
ELLIOT: 60 seconds live.

CASEY: Listen. What?
DAN: It's been all day long, and I knew you had something to tell me.
CASEY: Do you remember Pixley?
DAN: Date number 1?
DAN: You saw her last night.
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: You gave her your number.
DAN: Can't stop thinking about her and you want to call her.
DAN: But you feel guilty about it 'cause it's an emotional abandonment of Dana.
CASEY: Look, it's not an abandonment.
DAN: I need to be left out of this.
DAN: 'Cause I like Dana, and I know what's gonna happen next.
CASEY: You don't know what's gonna happen next.
DAN: I do.
CASEY: I'm just saying I had these feelings. I'm not saying I'm gonna act on them.
(Dan hands Casey a piece of paper.)
CASEY: What's that?
DAN: Phone message.
CASEY: She called.
DAN: Yeah.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
DAN: Good evening. From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Those stories, plus the Hogs get greedy in Fayetteville, the Bruins get bearish at Pauley Pavilion, and don't be on the Rebels in Vegas.
CASEY: All that coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
DAVE: We're out.
(Casey pulls the phone message out of his pocket, rereads it and smiles.)

Isaac's Office
DAN: Hey.
ISAAC: Hey. You know, I'm a little surprised to see you.
DAN: 'Cause I'm supposed to be on the air right now?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DAN: I got 4 minutes and 20 seconds.
ISAAC: Let's see how long we can hold our breath.
DAN: It was 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th--
ISAAC: Danny.
DAN: C'mon, it was 3-1 in the bottom--
ISAAC: I'm not talking about it.
DAN: Isaac, it was 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th.
ISAAC: It was 4-1. It was 4-1 in the bottom of the 9th. The Dodgers' director of player relations came into the press box chewing on a cigar, telling us where we could pick up our credentials for the World Series.
DAN: 'Cause he didn't know the Giants were about to stage one of the biggest comebacks, but--
ISAAC: That's right. There was no place to sit in the press box; I stood up the whole game. But then when they took Newcombe out, I ran to the men's room. I knew I had time because Branca was notorious for taking his time on the mound warming up. Except he didn't that time.
DAN: Isaac--
ISAAC: I don't know why, but he warmed up a lot faster that day.
DAN: Are you telling me that--
ISAAC: Yeah. I didn't see the home run.
DAN: What?
ISAAC: I was in the men's room. I was washing my hands. Branca warmed up a lot faster.
DAN: You never saw Thomson's home run?
DAN: You were at the game.
ISAAC: I was washing my hands.
DAN: Never wash your hands.
ISAAC: If only you'd been my mother.
DAN: You didn't see it?
DAN: You were washing your hands.
DAN: Were you bummed?
ISAAC: For a while, but then you get older, and it just joins all the other things in your life that happened while you were looking the other way.
DAN: Did you see your daughter get born?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DAN: Did you see her graduate college?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DAN: Are you watching Sports Night tonight?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DAN: Then shut up.
ISAAC: Yeah.
DAN: Guy hit a baseball.
ISAAC: I know.
DAN: I'm gonna go back on the air.

Studio/Control Room
NATALIE: Monestrous means "experiencing estrous once each year or breeding season."
CHRIS: What's estrous?
NATALIE: Let's find out.
JEREMY: Give me the dictionary.
DAVE: In 3, 2...

CASEY: That's all for us. Next scores and highlights on West Coast Update at 2:00 am.
DAN: For Casey McCall, I'm Dan Rydell. You've been watching Sports Night on CSC. We'll see you tomorrow.

DAVE: Music.
DAVE: Animation.
NOT WILL: We're out.

Dana's Office
DANA: Hey.
NATALIE: I'm going home.
NATALIE: You wanna come?
DANA: To your home?
NATALIE: No, we're going out.
DANA: Uh, I thought you said you were going home.
NATALIE: Jeremy and I are going out for a drink.
DANA: I'm going to stay here and work.
NATALIE: You sure?
DANA: Yeah.
NATALIE: Ok. (Dan enters) Hey, Dan.
DAN: Hey.
NATALIE: I'll see you guys tomorrow.
DANA: What do you need?
DAN: What?
DANA: Don't you want to go out or go home?
DAN: Yeah, I'm taking off.
DANA: Have a good night.
DAN: Hey, listen, I was talking to Isaac before. Did you know that he was at the Giants game in 1951?
DANA: Bobby Thomson?
DAN: Yeah.
DANA: I did know that.
DAN: Everybody but me.
DANA: What about it?
DAN: He missed the home run. He was in the men's room washing his hands.
DANA: Really?
DAN: Yeah.
DANA: It's kind of funny, if you think about it.
DAN: Yeah, 'cause at the end of the day, it's just a baseball game.
DANA: How is it not funny?
DAN: It was an idiotic dating plan, Dana. What did you think was gonna happen?
DANA: Hey, Dan--
DAN: Forget that he's meeting all kinds of women, that was gonna happen. But the one he wanted was you anyway.
DANA: Wanted?
DAN: All this is doing is making him feel a lot less like the man he is, which is why he left Lisa in the first place. I know what he wants and I gotta say he's done a pretty good job of going after it, which isn't, like, the most natural thing in the world for Casey to do. And I know what you want, and all I've seen you do is hide behind this psychotic behaviour all dressed up as cute. He wanted you and he told you every possible way he could. You've just been hanging out in the men's room. (Dan leaves.)

Dana comes in the bar and looks through the patrons for Casey before approaching Jack.
DANA: Jack?
JACK: Hey, Dana.
DANA: Was Casey in here tonight?
JACK: You just missed him.
DANA: He left?
JACK: Yeah. Need anything?
DANA: Was he in here alone?
JACK: He met someone.
DANA: A girl?
JACK: Yeah, with a strange name.
DANA: Pixley?
JACK: Yeah.
DANA: They leave together?
JACK: Yeah.
JACK: You need anything?
DANA: Uh, no.


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