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SPORTS NIGHT: Table of Contents

Here you will find direct links to each individual transcript. You can always look through the community tags as well.
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Isaac's Office
ISAAC: (on the phone)I understand. I understand. I want to be kept posted throughout the day and night. (hangs up) They're called Quo Vadimus.
DANA : Quo Vadimus?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DANA: Where did they come from?
ISAAC: They put in a stock offering this morning at 6AM.
DANA: From out of nowhere?
ISAAC: Yeah.
DANA: From out of the clear blue sky?
ISAAC: That's where things come from.
DANA: What about MDI?
ISAAC: They're still in it.
DANA: MDI was our hope, Isaac.
ISAAC: They're still in it.
DANA: We want MDI.
ISAAC: They're still in it.
DANA: But now these other guys come along -- Platypus.
ISAAC: Quo Vadimus.
DANA: What do we know about them?
ISAAC: We're getting information. In the meantime--
DANA: I won't say anything.
ISAAC: Dana.
DANA: I won't say anything.
ISAAC: You say that in here.
DANA: Isaac--
ISAAC: You say that in here, but then you go out there--
DANA: When have I done that?
ISAAC: Every day you've been here.
DANA: I can't believe you've been keeping track.
ISAAC: We'll know something by the end of the day. Don't start a brushfire.
DANA: People can change, Isaac. I have incredible capacity for growth.
ISAAC: Excellent.
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Studio/Control Room
CASEY: With a month of big-league baseball behind us, it's time for what, Dan?
DAN: Predictions.
CASEY: It's time for predictions. Last year, Dan predicted that the Yankees would finish third in the American League East. Where'd they finish, Dan?
DAN: They won the world series.
CASEY: They won the world series. What do you got for us this year?
DAN: The team of Lord Baltimore, Casey. The Orioles will beat the American League like an old Persian rug. Then they'll go on to teach Ken Griffey's Cincinnati Reds a little lesson in humility.
CASEY: Dan says the Orioles, I say the Yankees. Dan says the Reds, I say the Mets. But, kids, whether you're a Mets fan, a Yankee fan, a Dodger fan, or a Red Sox fan, the one thing we can all agree on is what, Danny?
DAN: John Rocker's a doofus.
CASEY: John Rocker's a big honkin' doofus. That's all for us. We'll be back tomorrow night with more scores and highlights. This is day six of the Continental Corp fire sale, so if you're got 14 or 15 billion dollars in your passbook account, you can own this network. You've been watching Sports Night on CSC, have a good night.
DAN: Goodnight, Mom.
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original transcript from the_49th_floor

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Dan & Casey's Office
CATHERINE: It's gonna be a hot place.
DAN: It's in New Jersey.
CATHERINE: It's gonna be the hot new place.
DAN: New Jersey's gonna be the hot new place?
CATHERINE: The restaurant's gonna be the hot new place.
DAN: The restaurant's in New Jersey.
CATHERINE: Right across the river.
DAN: Yeah, but across the river.
CATHERINE: Just on the other side.
DAN: Which makes it New Jersey.
CATHERINE: Dan, you gotta trust me.
DAN: Are other people gonna be there?
CATHERINE: Of course other people are gonna be there.
DAN: I mean other people.
DAN: Who?
CATHERINE: Jay McInerney, Ivana Drumpf. Interestingly, the other girl who used to be married to Donald Drumpf. Whose name I can't--
DAN: Right.
CATHERINE: She, I grant you, is not A-list.
DAN: Drumpf's ex-wife?
CATHERINE: The one after Ivana whose name I can't remember.
DAN: I like her. I can't remember her name either, although I can tell you she was very good in "Will Rogers Follies."
CATHERINE: What did she do?
DAN: She sang, she danced, I think she twirled a rope. All I know is I was finally happy to see her realize her dream of the stage.
KIM: Five minutes to air. First team in the studio, please.

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original transcript from the_49th_floor

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Isaac's Office
DANA: This is idiotic.
BERT: Dana.
DANA: This is idiotic and I'll tell you what else, this is no way to run a network.
BERT: Don't call me idiotic.
DANA: Bert, I--
BERT: No, I'm a full-grown adult lady, and I've heard about you at these meetings. I am not other people. I am the network CFO.
DANA: This is not slow-pitch softball, it's the Olympics. And whatever you might think of my decorum, what I'm doing right now is my job.
BERT: I understand, Dana, but unless you can point to the tree upon which money is growing--
DANA: This sucks--
BERT: A casual observer would never guess you were from a good family, Dana.
ISAAC: Hey, let's leave families out of--
DANA: This is happening every week, Isaac.
RAY: Not every week.
DANA: Every damn week we're looking for change under sofa cushions. Meanwhile, Luther Sachs has just cashed a $740 million bonus.
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original transcript from the_49th_floor

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