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Season 1: Episode 11: Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee Tech

Backstage/Studio/Control Room
Dan: We really have nine hockey segments tonight?
Casey: Three shootouts, two penalty shots, Stefan LeCourier --
Dan: Jerome'll be happy.
Casey: Who's Jerome?
Dan: Jerome.
Casey: Right.
Dan: He'll be happy.
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: Sure.
Casey: Who is he?
Dan: Jerome?
Casey: Right.
Dan: I'm talking about Jerome.
Casey: You can say his name as many times as you like, I'm still not gonna know who he is.
Dan: Camera two.
Casey: What about it?
Dan: He's the camera operator.
Casey: Who?
Dan:Are you prepared to do a broadcast right now?
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: The camera guy!
Casey: What about him?
Dan: Is Jerome. Jerome is the operator on camera two.
Casey: And he likes hockey.
Dan: Now you're with it.
Dave: 60 seconds to VTR, two minutes live.
Dana: Alright, here's a change. We're flip-flopping the Virginia Slims quarter-finals and the IOC meeting. Kill 23.
Elliot: I never had 23.
Dana: Then you won't miss it much. (Jeremy enters) Jeremy, tell me what's happening in Chattanooga. Tell me quickly, tell me succinctly. Bullet points. We're on the air in less than two minutes, so don't give me a valedictory address. Talk to me as if I'm a small child. Tell me what's happening in Chattanooga.
Jeremy: I don't know what's happening in Chattanooga.
Dana: Okay. Tell me a little more than that.
Dan: I think, as a New Year's resolution, you should re-dedicate yourself to the idea that this is a team. You play for a team. A team with many players.
Casey: And you think I should learn their names.
Dan: I think it'd be nice.
Casey: I agree.
Dan: See a team's made up of a group of individuals --
Casey: You're gonna keep talking anyway?
Dan: Individuals who forsake their own individual needs to pursue a common goal. The team goal. In our case the goal's a nightly national television show.
Casey: I'm saying I know the guy's name now.
Dave: Roll VTR. 60 seconds live.
Dana: Show me Tokyo. Show me the chyron on four.
Will: Four's up.
Chris: You've got Tokyo.
Natalie: That was Brian in Chattanooga.
Dana: Alright, tell me what he knows. Bullet points. I can feed it right to Casey and get it in the tease. (into mic) Casey stand by, I'm gonna fill the tease. (to Natalie) What does he know?
Natalie: He doesn't know anything.
Dana: (into mic) Stop standing by, Casey.
Casey: What's going on?
Dana: There was an incident at Tennessee Western involving some black athletes and a Confederate flag.
Casey: What happened?
Dana: We don't know.
Dave: In three, two --
Casey: Good evening, from New York City I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell. Those stories plus we'll head out to the Hoosier Dome where Bobby Knight's done a little interior decorating and we'll leave room for more hockey than you can shake a big stick at.
Dan: We'll bring you the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and, because we've got soccer highlights, the sheer pointlessness of a zero-zero tie. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.
Kim: Back in sixty.
Isaac: (enters) What's going on in Chattanooga?
Dana: We don't know.
Isaac: We don't know?
Dana: We don't know.
Isaac: We don't know anything?
Dana: We don't know much.
Isaac: But, fundamentally, we're still a news-gathering organization, right?
Dana: Sure.
Isaac: Then what's the problem?
Dana: We're not very good.
Isaac: That's what I thought.


Studio/Control Room
Dave: We're back to Dan in three...two--
Dan:Thank you. Kelly Kirkpatrick in Green Bay. You look cold, put some clothes on. Hey folks, look outside. Tinsel, mistletoe, it can only mean one thing: Casey?
Casey: Play of the Year.
Dan: Play o' the Year. Our crack staff has been debating the subject and we'll bring you our choice on New Year's Eve, but we wanna hear from you, so if you've got a play of the year, you can contact us at CSC-slash-Sportsnight-dot-com, or just go on over to Casey's apartment and knock on the door anytime.
Casey: That's all for us. You've been watching Sports Night on CSC, we'll see you tomorrow.
Dan: G'night.
Dave: Music
Chris: Go.
Dave: Animation.
Will: Go.
Dave: We're out.
Kim: Camera wrap 12:06.

Newsroom/Dan & Casey's office
Dan: Hey, what are you planning on cooking tomorrow morning?
Casey: I'm not cooking. It's not a cooking show.
Dan: Are you sure?
Casey: It's a news show.
Dan: "The View"?
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: The one with Barbara Walters and the four women who cook?
Casey: They don't cook. It's a news show.
Dan: Who are the other guests?
Casey: It's just me and another guy.
Dan: Who's the other guy?
Casey: You're havin' a good time, aren't you?
Dan: Who's the other guy?
Casey: It's Wolfgang Puck, you want a piece of me?
Dan: No, but thanks.
Casey: You know, it wouldn't kill you to get out there and do a little press.
Dan: I've been grounded, remember?
Casey: How long's the network got you in the penalty box?
Dan: No public statements for six months.
Casey: You want me to talk to somebody?
Dan: No.
Casey: I can.
Dan: I'm perfectly happy just doing my job and keeping my mouth shut. I don't need to give interviews. I don't even want to give interviews. I'm happy for the chance to not give interviews.
Casey: You don't want me to talk to 'em?
Dan: No.
Casey: Okay.
Dan:Talk to 'em.
Casey: Danny --
Dan:I need to give interviews. I like to give interviews. It's the only chance I get to talk to a huge group of total strangers.
Casey: Except for the hour every night you're on television.
Dan:That's right.
Casey: I'll talk to 'em
Dana: (sticks her head in the office) Hey. Knock 'em dead on the cooking show tomorrow.
Casey: Thank you.

"The View" set
Annoying Woman 1: Welcome back to The View, we're alking with Casey McCall, co-host of Sports Night, which can be seen every night at eleven pm on CSC.
Casey: Yes, with my partner, Dan Rydell, who couldn't be here this morning.
Annoying Woman 2: Well, I hope he has a good excuse.
Casey: Yes, he likes to sleep late.
Annoying Woman 2: Good enough. Now before we went to commercial, you were saying that you and Dan write together.
Casey: Yes.
Annoying Woman 3: How does that work?
Casey: I take the nouns and verbs, Danny handles the adjectives and prepositions. Anything with an umlaut, we toss a coin.
Annoying Woman 4: Now, Casey, we can't let you go without asking you about those ties.
Casey: Ah, the ties.
Annoying Woman 3: The famous neckties. Now listen up ladies, you're single right?
Casey: I'm recently divorced.
Annoying Woman 3: Well I think you should know that a man who knows how to dress himself is a very sexy thing.
Casey: Which is why so many of us are drawn to Carrot Top.
Annoying Woman 3: Alright. If you're a sports fan or just like neckties, don't miss Sports Night with Dan Rydell and our guest, Casey McCall, every night at eleven on CSC. We'll be right back after this.

Conference Room
Dana: By the way, in the memos that are circulating, we're spelling Chattanooga about 14 different ways, now what do we know?
Jeremy: Two "o"'s, three "a"'s.
Dana: That's it?
Jeremy: No, there are other letters too. But surely that's not what you meant.
Dana: No.
Jeremy: Roland Shepard is a tailback from a small town in western Tennessee called Tipolo. One "t", one "l". He rode the bench for two years and then two weeks ago won the starting job when Lillias went down with a torn ACL. He rushed for 218 yards in his first game, 273 in his second.
Natalie: That two game total's a conference record by the way.
Jeremy: He scored four touchdowns on the ground, two of them against the third-ranked rushing defense in the nation.
Natalie: He also caught a pass for a touchdown and ran a punt back for a touchdown.
Jeremy: He's carrying a 3.3 GPA with a major in chemical engineering, and the Engineering Department at Tennessee Western is for real.
Dan: So what's going on?
Jeremy: They're gonna kick him out of school.
Isaac: They're threatening to kick him out of school.
Dana: The Confederate flag?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Dan:They fly the flag outside the stadium?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Natalie: Also, students wave 'em in the stands.
Dana: Nothing you can do about that.
Isaac: Yeah, but outside the stadium, that's the school.
Jeremy: Anyway, there'll be a press conference at three o'clock, we've got it on atellite. The rumor is that Roland won't play unless the school takes the flag down. The school's gonna announce that Roland's been suspended from the team, as a result of which his scholarship will be revoked, as a result of which, Roland will go back and pump gas in Tipolo, Tennessee.
Dana: Dan, be on the press conference. Meantime, I need to hear some plays of the year by the end of the day. Thank you.
Natalie: Back here at six. (everyone exits)
Isaac: Danny, I need to talk to you.
Dan:Good, 'cause I need to talk to you too. Who should go first?
Isaac: Well since I don't really care what you have to say, I think it should be me.
Dan:Fair enough.
Isaac: Luther Sachs has taken a special interest in that situation in Chattanooga.
Dan: He's an alumnus.
Isaac: He's got a couple of buildings named after him.
Dan: Yeah, he's a helluva guy.
Isaac: He's a Southerner.
Dan: Luther Sachs is German.
Isaac: He's a Southerner for three generations.
Dan: Faulkner was a Southerner.
Isaac: Faulker was a Southern Gentlemen.
Dan: There's a difference?
Isaac: The difference, Danny, is all the difference.

Isaac's Office
Dan: What does Luther want?
Isaac: A piece on Southern gentlemen. The Southern tradition. The Southern tradition in sports, in culture, in history.
Dan: All symbolized by the Confederate flag.
Isaac: You learn fast.
Dan: You really wanna do this?
Isaac: No.
Dan: Then don't.
Isaac: There are days, Danny, when I'm just too tired to fight that man.
Dan: Well you gotta tell us when it's one of those days and we'll fight him for you.
Isaac: You've gotta stop thinking of me as the champion of all things black.

Dan & Casey's Office
(Casey is watching a tape of his interview on The View)
Annoying Woman 3: Now listen up ladies. You're single is that right?
Casey: I'm recently divorced.
Annoying Woman 3: Well I think you should know that a man who knows how to dress himself is a very sexy thing.
Casey: Which is why so many of us are drawn to Carrot Top.

Monica: Excuse me, Mr. McCall?
Casey: Yeah. (turns off tape)
Monica: I'm sorry, is this a bad time?
Casey: For what?
Monica: I'd like to ask you a question, but if you're preparing the show, if this is a bad time, I can come back.
Casey: What's your question?
Monica: What's my name?
Casey: What's your name?
Monica: Yes.
Casey: What are we doing right now?
Monica: If this is a bad time --
Casey: I'm sorry, I'm not very good at remembering names.
Monica: Who was the number two man on the Boston Red Sox staff in 1977?
Casey: It was Ferguson Jenkins.
Monica: My name is Monica. I'm the assistant wardrobe supervisor for Sports Night as well as two other shows here at CSC. I think you hurt the feelings of the woman I work for. Her name is Maureen and she's been working here since the day you started.
Casey: I know Maureen.
Monica: Can I ask you another question?
Casey: I'm sorry I didn't know your name.
Monica: (holds up a tie) Do you know what color this is?
Casey: It's grey.
Monica: It's called gunmetal. Grey has more ivory in it, gunmetal has more blue. Can you tell me which of these shirts (holds up two shirts) you should wear it with?
Casey: I don't know.
Monica: No you don't. There's no reason why you should. You're not supposed to know what shirt goes with what suit or how a color in a necktie can pick up your eyes. You're not expected to know what's going to clash with what Dan's wearing or what pattern's gonna bleed when Dave changes the lighting. Mr. McCall, you get so much attention and so much praise for what you actually do, and all of it's deserved. When you go on a talk-show and get complimented on something you didn't, how hard would it be to say "That's not me. That's a woman named Maureen who's been working for us since the first day. It's Maureen who dresses me every night, and without Maureen, I wouldn't know gunmetal from a hole in the ground." Do you have an idea what it would've meant to her? Do you have any idea how many times she would've played that tape for her husband and her kids? I know this is when it starts to get busy for you. (lays out shirt on tie on Casey's desk) I hope I didn't take up too much of your time. Please don't tell Maureen I spoke to you, she'd be pretty mad at me.
Casey: I won't, Monica. (she exits)

Conference Room
Elliot: We need a plan.
Kim: We definitely need a plan.
Jeremy: We need a plan.
Natalie: Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make a list of all the sports moments that are potential plays of the year. Then we're gonna list the pros, and then we're gonna list the cons.
Jeremy: Why do women like making lists?
Natalie: Women don't like making lists.
Jeremy: Yes they do. They're never quite so happy as when they're making themselves a little list. You ever think about why you make lists?
Natalie: It's so I can cross things off it. You ever think about why you've got so much crap in your wallet?
Jeremy: I save my receipts.
Natalie: You save fortunes from Chinese restaurants.
Elliot: Can we work now?
Jeremy: I think we should, but Natalie's gonna wanna list the pros and the cons.
Kim: Women's ice-hockey.
Jeremy: You're kidding.
Kim: The U.S. women's team won the first Olympic Gold Medal in ice hockey and there were over 4000 fans in the arena to see 'em do it.
Jeremy: They beat a bunch of Slovakian cocktail waitresses and there were over 4000 people at my cousin Jacob's bar mitzvah. (high fives Elliot)
Elliot: What do you got?
Jeremy: Mark McGwire hits 70.
Kim: It's a little obvious.
Jeremy: Our goal isn't to be cunning, is it?
Natalie: Can we keep this organized? Pros and cons.
Jeremy: Well, the pro is that he broke an unbreakable record, and the con is Kim likes women's ice-hocky.
Natalie: What's next?
Jeremy: Jeff Gordon.
Kim: No.
Jeremy: Why?
Kim: 'Cause it's NASCAR and who gives a damn.
Jeremy: Who gives a damn?
Kim: How many people give a good damn?
Jeremy: Well, it's the world's most popular sport, so probably more than 4000.
Natalie: Next.
Jeremy: Alright. Austrian skier Herman Meier.
Natalie: Pros.
Jeremy: He got up from one of the most horrific accidents in Olympic history and won the Gold Medal two days later.
Natalie: Cons.
Kim: It's downhill skiing.
Jeremy: And?
Kim: Who gives a damn.

Isaac's Office
(Isaac is watching a tape of a press conference)
Roland Shepard: It was very important to my parents, and to their parents, that I be the first in my family to attend college. But I can't imagine that any of them would feel anything but shame and humiliation at the sight of me playing football under that flag. I wish no disrespect to my school, my fellow students, or my teammates. I will answer any questions you have at this point.
Dan: What's gonna happen to him?
Isaac: I keep watching it over and over. I think it's all I've done today.
Dan: Shepard'll get picked up by another school.
Isaac: I'd imagine. The thing is, six of his teammates stepped down too. Six of them. Two of them white, none of them starters. They're the ones who are gonna have some trouble. What'd you come in to tell me?
Dan: I wrote the piece.
Isaac: I'll tell Luther to watch it.
Dan: It takes the position the Confederate flag is a symbol of a culture. A culture with a great tradition of literature and art, music and architecture, great statesmen...
Isaac: That's crap.
Dan: So why are you telling me to write it?
Isaac: I'm not telling you to do anything.
Dan: I think we're all pretty surprised that you're not doing a commentary yourself. What's going on?
Isaac: Nothing's going on.
Dan: What's going on, Isaac?
Isaac: closes office door. I don't want to make this into a big
Dan: You don't want to make what into a big deal?
Isaac: Luther's looking for an opportunity to fire me. (BEAT) He has been for about six months.
Dan: Are you sure?
Isaac: No.
Dan:'Cause I think you're wrong.
Isaac: I'm not.
Dan: He has a lot of respect for you, Isaac, and while I may not like the guy, he's sure no idiot.
Isaac: I like my life right now. I've never been happier. I used to pick fights with management twice a day, just like you. They wanted to fire me, that was fine, there was always someone who wanted to hire me. That's not the way it is now. Luther can hire someone half my age to do my job. I like my life right now. I'm proud of this show.
Dan: I can't believe it. I come in here with you talkin' about those six players who stood by Roland Shepard, and you don't have the same respect for the people who work for you? You think if Luther ever showed you the door there wouldn't be about a hundred people who'd walk out right behind you? There's something real bad goin' on in Chattanooga, Isaac. And Luther can fix it. And you know it. Tell Dana to throw this one out of the rundown. Tell her you're gonna do a two minute editorial.
Isaac: Not this time.
Dan: Okay.
Isaac: Uh, Danny. Don't tell anyone about what I said.
Dan: Sure.

Control Room
Dave: 60 seconds to VTR. Two minutes live.
Jeremy: The Yankees win the World Series.
Dana: That came as a big shock after they won 114 games.
Jeremy: What is it with this element of surprise you people are looking for?
Dana: You know what we're forgetting?
Jeremy: What?
Dana: Michael Jordan and the Bulls win the NBA championship.
Jeremy: Yeah, there's something that doesn't happen a lot.
Dana: What do you guys think?
Dave: Us?
Dana: Yeah, what do you think?
Dave: About what?
Jeremy: Play of the year.
Dana: We're eight days away.
Dave: Ah.
Natalie: What do you think?
Will: We're studio technicians.
Dana: Yes we know.
Chris: These are editorial questions.
Dana: Yes, we want to hear what you have to say.
Chris: Really?
Jeremy: Go ahead. There are no wrong answers.
Kim: Nothing's too stupid to suggest.
Jeremy: Except women's ice-hockey, but Kim pretty much has that covered.
Natalie: So what do you think?
Dave: You really want to know?
Dana: Absolutely.
Dave: Mark O'Meara winning two majors.
Chris: Cal Ripken ending the streak.
Will: Peyton Manning.
Dana: Well that was a colossal waste of time.
Isaac: Good evening.
Dana: Isaac, I haven't seen you all night.
Isaac: Dana, I'm sorry to do this to you on such short notice, but I'd like a couple of minutes of air-time tonight.
Dana: Really?
Isaac: If you need to make some room, I believe you can dump the piece Danny was planning on doing. I don't think he'll mind.
Dana: No I don't believe he will.
Isaac: He said something to you, didn't he?
Dana: Will, would you get Isaac wired up, please.
Will: Sure.

Studio/Control Room
Casey: Earlier in the show, we told you about Roland Shepard and the six other players who were dropped from their team and then their school for refusing to play football under the Confederate flag. Here's Isaac Jaffee, managing editor of Sports Night, with an editorial comment. Isaac?
Isaac: Thank you, Casey. Exaudio, Comperio, Conloquor. That's a Latin phrase that translates: To Listen, To Learn, To Speak. Those words are carved into the stone arches that form the entrance to the undergraduate library at Tennessee Western University. This afternoon, an extraordinary young man named Roland Shepard made what had to have been an excrutiating decision. He said he wasn't playing football under a Confederate flag. Six of his teammates then chose not to let Shepard stand alone. And I choose to join them at this moment. In the history of the South, there's much to celebrate. And that flag is a desecration of all of it. It's a banner of hatred and separation. It's a banner of ignorance and violence and a war that pitted brother against brother, and to ask young black men and women, young Jewish men and women, Asians, Native Americans, to ask Americans to walk beneath its shadow is a humiliation of irreducable proportions. And we all know it. Tennessee Western has produced some outstanding alumni in the last hundred years. People of wisdom and vision. Strength and compassion. One of them is Luther Sachs. Luther Sachs owns Continental Corp, which owns the Continental Sports Channel, which you're watching right now. Luther Sachs is a generous alumni contributor to Tennessee Western with a considerable influence over its Chancellor, Davis Blake, and its Board of Trustees. Luther, you've got a phone call to make. You've got to call Chancellor Blake and tell him to take down that flag or he can stop looking for your checks in the mail. You've got to put these young men back in a classroom, and I mean pronto. These boys are gonna make you proud one day, Luther. I challenge you to do the right thing. Not an unreasonable request to make of a man whose alma mater declares Exaudio, Comperio, Conloquor: To Listen, To Learn, To Speak. In the meantime, God go with you, Roland Shepard and you six Southern gentlemen of Tennessee. God's not done with any of you yet.
Casey: That was our managing editor, Isaac Jaffee. We'll be back.
Dave: We're out. (people start clapping)
Casey: You can bring it, boss.
Dan: You know I could kiss you on the mouth right now, right?
Isaac: Then stay over there.
Dan: I could get very physical with you right now.
Isaac: Danny --
Dan: I'm having some very kooky thoughts here.
Isaac: (enters control room, where everyone stands and applauds) Thank you all.
Dana: Isaac, I can't even...that was...I mean
Isac: Alright, we've lost radio contact with Dana.
Jeremy: Isaac.
Isaac: Yeah.
Jeremy: No kidding. Play of the Year.
Isaac: Thank you, Jeremy.
Kim: (step in from side room) Isaac?
Isaac: Showtime?
Kim: Luther Sachs on line 4. (Isaac starts to walk back to his office)
Dan: Hey Isaac?
Isaac: Yeah?
Dan: Right behind you. (they pound fists)
Dave: Back in 10.

Dana: It was... I've never... I mean, I'm serious... that was just--
Dave: In three...two--
Casey: That's all for tonight, but before we sign off, we felt that with Christmas only a few days off and people making up lists and checking them twice, it was as good a time as any to mention some people who are important to us here at the show. It seems that quite a few of you, for instance, like the way Dan and I dress on the air, and you should know that we're dressed by Maureen Gates and Joseph Roveto. Maureen and Joseph are assisted by a young woman named Monica Brazelton, and Monica is not to be trifled with.
Dan: Our camera operators are Ray, Wayne, Bruce, John and Jerome, who wishes we'd do more features on hockey.
Casey: Not gonna happen, Jerome. Every time I pick up a pencil or put down a coffee mug, that's Jody Mann, and her trusty aide John Frantz, and if you've ever wondered what a gaffer was, or a best boy, you should ask Keith and Mark.
Dan: We've got some people who don't get paid much, but that's okay, 'cause the hours are terrible. They're our PA's, and their names are Lauren, Victoria, Jake, Lee, Ashley and Brad.
Casey: This is a script. Dan and I write it and then two people come along and put it together so that we can also read it. Their names are Joan and Chris and they, us and everyone else here are pretty much at the mercy of the script supervisor, Carol McKechnie, who's got
a little thing for me, and I think it's time she admits it.
Dan: Keri McIntyre--
Casey: Nicole Burke--
Dan:Shawn Manley--
Casey: Jeff Wheat--
Dan: Mark Johnson--
Casey: Cajun.
Dan: Cajun.
Casey: How 'bout Skip Cook--
Dan: How 'bout Phil Heath--
Casey: How 'bout Karen, Julie and Angela in make-up--
Dan: How 'bout Brenda, Cammy and Jody in hair-- We've got film on this show. You know who cuts it?
Casey: Janet Ashikaga. You know who her assistant is?
Dan: Laura the Wonderful.
Casey: We've just named a small fraction of the people who put this show on television, which means we've left out many more and we'll try and rectify that as we head toward December 25th. But for now, I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell, wishing everyone in your home, along with everyone here at my home a very happy Christmas.
Dan: G'night everyone.

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