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Season One: Episode 18: The Sword of Orion

News Room
Kim: (VO) Five minutes to air. First team in the studio, please. Five minutes.
Dan: I'm pumped.
Casey: Me too.
Dan: I'm pumped up.
Casey: Excellent.
Dan: Aren't you pumped?
Casey: I am.
Dan: I'm ready.
Casey: Excellent.
Dan: Five minutes to air.
Casey: Best words in the English language.
Dan: Aren't they?
Casey: Yes.
Dan: They're the best words in the English language.
Casey: Cinq minutes avant d'etre en direct.
Dan: And those are the best words in the French language.
Casey: Yes.
Dan: Oui.
Casey: Cinco minutos para salir al aire!
Dan: This is what I'm talkin' about.
Casey: There's an internal clock.
Dan: There is.
Casey: It's like athletes.
Dan: It's just like that. When that gun goes off--
Casey: When the bell rings--
Dan: It's game time, my friend.
Casey: You can take it to the bank.
Dan: Most beautiful sound in the world?
Casey: Funf minuten bis sendungszeit.
Dan: Well now you're just showin' off.
Casey: Yeah.
Kim: Good show guys.
Casey: Good show, Kim.

Studio/Control Room
Dan Did Orlando Rojas pitch this afternoon?
Casey: I do not know.
Dan: You don't know?
Casey: I do not.
Dan: Natalie. Did Orlando Rojas pitch this afternoon?
Natalie: That's a good question.
Dan: Thank you very much. Did he pitch this afternoon?
Natalie: I do not know.
Dan: Thank God none of us work in sports.
Natalie: Hey, neither of you have heard from Jeremy, have you?
Casey: Since he left?
Natalie: Yeah.
Casey: No.
Dan: You haven't heard from him?
Natalie: I heard from him the first night, but not the second night and not tonight.
Casey: Did you call his parents' house?
Natalie: I left a message.
Dan: Maybe he's just busy.
Natalie: Yeah.
Casey: Maybe he met another woman and forgot all about you.
Natalie: Maybe I'll jam a number-2 pencil up your nose.
Casey: Maybe he's just busy.
Natalie: Maybe that's right.

Dave: 60 seconds to VTR, two minutes live.
Chris: This is a heads-up, we're two hours in front of Baja-California right now.
Will: We're three hours in front.
Elliot: Baja-California isn't on Daylight Savings Time.
Kim: Everybody in the country's on Daylight Savings Time.
Chris: Baja California isn't in this country.
Dave: California isn't in this country?
Chris: Baja California isn't in California, it's in Mexico.
Dave: Baja California's in Mexico?
Chris: Yeah.
Dave: What kinda stupid-ass--
Chris: I'm just sayin' heads up.
Dave: (into headset) Sports Night's at Ready-1.
Dana: I'm pumped.
Will: 30 seconds to VTR.
Dave: Live in 90.
Dana: I'm pumped.
Natalie: Why wouldn't he call me?
Dana: His parents are splitting up, Natalie. He's got some stuff going on.
Natalie: Yeah, but--
Dana: He'll be back tomorrow.
Natalie: Yeah.
Dana: You know what you should do?
Natalie: What?
Dana: Get pumped.
Natalie: Yeah.
Dana: I'm pumped.
Dave: Roll VTR.
Kim: Good show.
Dana: Dave, are you pumped?
Dave: What the hell is she--
Chris: She's pumped.
Dave: You're pumped?
Dana: I am. Good show, fellas.

Dan: Elliot, did Orlando Rojas pitch this afternoon?
Elliot: He's pitching tomorrow.
Dan: Did he throw in the bullpen yesterday?
Elliot: Yeah. Kelly was there, she saw him throw.
Dan: How did his fastball look?
Elliot: Should be crossin' the plate any minute now.
Alyson: You guys are all set, have a good show.
Dan: We will have a good show, Alyson, you know why?
Alyson: Cause you're pumped?
Dan: Cause we're pumped.
Casey: Dan's pretty excited.
Dan: And Casey's speaking in tongues.
Casey: Alyson, did you know I speak four languages?
Dan: You speak three languages.
Casey: I speak four languages.
Dan: You speak French, Spanish and German.
Casey: I dabble in a little English.
Dan: What were we talking about?
Casey: I was hoping you'd know.
Dan: The point is we're pumped.
Casey: Yes.
Alyson: Do I have to keep standing here?
Casey: No, go get pumped.
Alyson: Okay.
Dan: You wanna know what pumps me up?
Casey: I know you like grape jelly.
Dan: Orlando Rojas. Orlando Rojas pumps me up.

Natalie: It's just strange that he hasn't called me.
Dana:He's okay.
Dave: In three...two...
Dan: Good evening from New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall, those stories plus, we'll bring you the Madness of March and a May-Day from Missouri.
Casey: We'll show you why McKenzie Blane falls mainly on Tulane and we'll do other things that rhyme as well. All that comin' up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.


Dan & Casey's Office
Dan: Orlando Rojas.
Rebecca: I don't know who that is.
Dan: Orlando Rojas the pitcher.
Rebecca: Oh, Orlando Rojas the pitcher.
Dan: Yes.
Rebecca: I don't know who that is.
Dan: He's pitching this afternoon.
Rebecca: Orlando Rojas?
Dan: Yes.
Rebecca: I don't know who that is.
Dan: That's hard to believe.
Rebecca: I took an elevator up 12 floors, Dan, what did you want to tell me?
Dan: I wanted to tell you that Orlando Rojas is pitching this afternoon.
Rebecca: You couldn't tell me that on the phone?
Dan: You don't like it when I bother you at work.
Rebecca: Hey, is it okay if I hit you in the head with this big book?
Dan: That's Casey's.
Rebecca: Casey, is it okay if I hit Dan in the head with this big book?
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: She doesn't know who Orlando Rojas is.
Casey: He's a pitcher.
Dan: He's pitching this afternoon.
Casey: Orlando Rojas?
Dan: Yeah.
Rebecca: You guys, seriously, I'm just gonna sit down in the middle of the room and cry.
Dan: 11 years ago he pitched a perfect game.
Rebecca: A perfect game?
Dan: Yes ma'am.
Rebecca: And a perfect game is good? (Dan and Casey exchange looks)
Dan: Listen, I know there's a lot of jargon but some of these are pretty self-explanatory.
Rebecca: I have to go back to my office. (Rebecca exits. Dan follows her.)

News Room:
Dan: How could you have been married to Steve Sisco all those years and know nothing about sports?
Rebecca: It wasn't all those years, Dan, it was two and a half years.
Dan: Yeah, but they were two and a half Steve Sisco years. That's like 25 regular years.
Rebecca: You think Neil Armstrong's wife was an expert on astro-propulsion?
Dan: I think she's heard of the moon.
Rebecca: Sports isn't what I do for a living.
Dan: What do you do for a living?
Rebecca: What?
Dan: What do you do, exactly?
Rebecca: You know exactly what I do.
Dan: You're a market analyst.
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: What does that mean?
Rebecca: I analyze the market.
Dan: Keep going.
Rebecca: It's hard to understand, Danny.
Dan: Oh I'm a very smart guy, Rebecca.
Rebecca: I analyze conditions and trends and make recommendations to protect and improve this company's position in the global financial community. That's what I do.
Dan: You don't really know, do you?
Rebecca: I do too know.
Dan: It was your husband's life and you never even had a passing interest in it?
Rebecca: I'm just saying I know precisely what I do for a living, okay, I happen to be a graduate of the Wharton School. (Dan starts laughing) What?
Dan: Could you just say that part again: "I happen to be a graduate of the Wharton School."
Rebecca: Have people ever tried to kill you?
Dan: Yes, but I defend myself with my superior wit and guile.
Rebecca: I'm going back to my office. (continues walking with Dan following)

Elevator Hallway:
Dan: Hey guess what.
Rebecca: What?
Dan: Orlando Rojas is pitching this afternoon.
Rebecca: I heard.
Dan: Watch the game with me.
Rebecca: No.
Dan: It'll be great. I'll tape it and we can watch it later tonight.
Rebecca: Nope.
Dan: Why?
Rebecca: 'Cause you like me right now. And you love sports. And I think when you see those two things in a room together at the same time, I'm gonna look a little less like what you want.
Dan: I think you're wrong.
Rebecca: I have to go back to my office.
Dan: First of all, what makes you so sure I like you right now?
Rebecca: Well you follow me everywhere I go and you ask me out all the time.
Dan: You're reading way too much into that.
Rebecca: Dan--
Dan: See, you may have attended the Wharton School, but I graduated from a little institution called Dartmouth, and I took Psych 101, and on one or two occasions I went to class. So I know all about the likes of you, Miss Missy. You've built yourself a wall. A wall of pain. A wall whose bricks are made of pain, and whose mortar is made of tears, and whose... what's the other one. There's bricks and mortar and--
Rebecca: That's it.
Dan: Really?
Rebecca: Just bricks and mortar.
Dan: There isn't a third thing?
Rebecca: No.
Dan: Whatever. You got a wall.
Rebecca: I'm going back to my world now.
Dan: I'm gonna tear down that wall, Rebecca. Bit by little bit.
Rebecca: Okay. (enters elevator with other people already on) Bye.
Dan: I'm gonna tear it down! For I am Dan: Doer of Good Things Where Women are Concerned. (looks at the other people in the elevator) How y'all doin'.
Rebecca: (to the other passengers) We're just friends.

News Room
Jeremy: Uh, that's Goodwin. Jeremy Goodwin and I'm not looking for topography, just the general nautical make-up. I need a chart.
Natalie: You're back!
Jeremy: (into phone) Yeah.
Natalie: Hey.
Jeremy: Hey. (into phone) Right. That area's way too far North, though.
Natalie: My man has come back to me.
Jeremy: (into phone) And what I need is a chart.
Natalie: Did you get my welcome back card?
Jeremy: (into phone) Right. (to Natalie) That was really nice. Thanks. (into phone) I need a chart of that area. Where the storm hit.
Natalie: It says "Welcome Back" in big letters, and then there's a drawing of me holding a sign that says "Welcome Back".
Jeremy: (into phone) About 600 nautical miles from the start buoy.
Natalie: So it's actually two cards.
Jeremy: (into phone) Okay, would you call me at this number please?
Natalie: There's also, as you can see, a box of Good and Plenty.
Jeremy: (into phone) Thank you. (hangs up) Thank you.
Natalie: You're back.
Jeremy: I'm sorry I didn't call last night, but--
Natalie: Or the night before.
Jeremy: Right, but--
Natalie: You wanna know how good I am? I'm not even gonna ask why you didn't call.
Jeremy: Thank you, 'cause what I really gotta do right now is get a hold of--
Natalie: Why the hell didn't you call?
Jeremy: You know what, it was just one of those things.
Natalie: I get it.
Jeremy: Do you?
Natalie: Yeah.
Jeremy: Thank you.
Natalie: Why the hell didn't you call?
Jeremy: Natalie-- (answers his phone) Jeremy Goodwin. Yeah I need a chart. Because I'm trying to figure out how it happened.
Natalie: It's the big box of Good and Plenty.

Conference Room
Dan and Casey are sitting alone in the conference room waiting.
Dan: There is a run-down meeting, right?
Casey: Yes.
Dan: 'Cause it was hard not to notice that we're the only two people here.
Casey: See the thing about me is I'm well rounded.
Dan: Yes.
Casey: For instance, I speak many languages.
Dan: Yes.
Casey: And I can juggle, play a little piano.
Dan: I need this meeting to get underway. I want people to walk in the door right now. (People immediately enter the room) Look at that. That's a power I didn't even know I had.
Dana: Good afternoon everybody. Will, you're sitting in Isaac's chair.
Will: I thought Isaac wasn't here.
Dana: We don't sit in Isaac's chair when Isaac isn't here. All right, lets' go, no foolin' around. We've got nine items for this meeting and we're just gonna go bam, bam, bam. No interruptions. I think we can do it.
I'm feeling really good about this meeting so far. I'm serious, I'm getting a really good vibe from this meeting so here we go. Ready? Elliot, Item 1:
Dan: Dana?
Dana: This meeting sucks.
Dan: Yeah just one thing. This is for everybody. I'm taping the Orioles game and I'm not gonna be watching it 'till the show comes down. Under no circumstances do I want to know the outcome of the game or how Rojas pitched. I want to share a sports experience with Rebecca, and I don't want to know anything about this game.
Casey: That's a bit problematic.
Dan: Why?
Casey: As I understand it, it's our job to get the information and report it to others.
Dan: I've got all that covered.
Dana: Can we get started?
Dan: First of all, you take the Orioles game. Elliot, you re-route the LC-Wire so that I'm not getting American League scores in my office. Kim, please pass this along to the staff and have them establish a signal they can give me if I'm approaching danger. Once the American League wrap-up starts, I need to be outfitted with a blind-fold and Walkman and just to be on the safe side, Dana, you better put a Heftybag over the floor monitors.
Dana: Kill me. Kill me now.
Dan: Here we go. Item 1. Elliot.
Dana: Yes--
Jeremy: I have something.
Dana: We print these run-downs.
Jeremy: Tomorrow's the tenth anniversary of the wreck of The Sword of Orion. It happened during the Govenor's Cup.
Casey: Jeremy, I didn't even see you there. When did you get back?
Jeremy: I took the train down this morning.
Dana: What's the Governor's Cup?
Dan: It's a sailboat race from New York to Nassau.
Jeremy: Ten years ago, a 68 ft. Merit Class yacht called The Sword of Orion, which was favored to win, went massively and inexplicably off course and into the path of winds gusting up to 90 miles per hour with 30 foot seas. The tactician, who was the son of the boat's owner, was thrown overboard and drowned. The rest of the crew was saved four days later. I'd like to do a feature. I thought I could piece together what happened on the boat. I'm going to do interviews with four of the crew members. I've got two of the captian's logs as well as other support information. What I'm having trouble with is getting the right charts. I need the right charts and I need to learn how to read them. I'm confident that I can. That I can learn how to read them. Anyway, I'd like to do a feature, Dana. (The room is quiet. No one responds right away) I'm done. That's all I have to say.
Dana: I don't know if...
Casey: It's a good idea, Dana.
Dana: Well go ahead and keep Natalie posted. All right. Item 1.


Rebecca's Hallway:
Rebecca: Yes, but I never said I was gonna watch it with you.
Dan: It seemed like you secretly wanted to.
Rebecca: I didn't.
Dan: There was an understanding.
Rebecca: There wasn't.
Dan: A tacit understanding.
Woman: Hey, Dan.
Dan: Hey Celia. (to Rebecca) You're telling me you never watched a game with Steve Sisco?
Rebecca: Could you stop calling him Steve Sisco? The way you use his full name drives me crazy. In fact everything you do drives me crazy.
Man: Hey Dan.
Dan: Hey Stuart.
Rebecca: How is it you've become buddies with everyone who works down here?
Dan: I have a way about me.
Rebecca: For you are Dan.
Dan: For I am.
Rebecca: Why's this game so important to you?
Dan: Orlando Rojas is pitching.
Rebecca: And he's really good?
Dan: We don't know yet. He's been out for two years after shoulder surgery and re-hab. I've interviewed him a few times, you'd like him a lot. He's really one of the good guys.
Rebecca: What team does he play for?
Dan: The Orioles. An Oriole is a kind of bird.
Rebecca: There's nothing about you I don't hate.
Dan: And yet you're mysteriously drawn to me.
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: Come to my office at midnight. I won't know anything about the game yet.
Rebecca: What happens if they win?
Dan: The Orioles?
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: Nothing.
Rebecca: Nothing happens if they win the game?
Dan: No.
Rebecca:: They don't go to the championship?
Dan: No actually the season hasn't started yet. It's what's called an exhibition game. They play about 30 of them before the season starts as a tune-up.
Rebecca: Then why does everyone care who wins?
Dan: Nobody cares who wins. But if Orlando Rojas can put some innings together, he may not get cut from the team as quickly as most people think he's gonna. There's really nothing like seeing a guy realize he's not done yet. Usually it goes the other way. Watch the game with me.
Rebecca: Dan, it's been a long week. I just don't think I can wait around 'till midnight. I'm gonna get this stuff done and go home. Probably take a bath and go to sleep.
Dan: You sure?
Rebecca: Yeah.
Dan: Should I stop trying to sell you?
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: Really?
Rebecca: Yeah. (Walks into hallway with Dan following)
Dan: Okay.
Rebecca: Thanks.
Dan: Let me try to sell you.
Rebecca: Dan--
Dan: I knew that deep down you wanted me to try and sell you.
Man: Hey Dan.
Dan: Hey Phil, what do you say.
Rebecca: (shouts down the hallway) All right! Everybody please stop being friendly to Dan!
Dan: Number 1: There'll be pretzels.

Editing Room:
Jeremy: 400 miles into the race they were still all within sight of each other.But on the fifth night, around sunset, Southern Cross logged that they'd lost visual contact with The Sword of Orion. Right around here. Two hours later, Practical Knowledge had lost sight of them as well. They tacked East, working off a report that called for 40 knot winds out of the South-Southwest. They were right here when all their on-board computers,
including the SatNav radar malfunctioned. And not only did they not know where they were, they had noway of knowing that the call for 40 knot winds was off by more than half. So it was a few minutes past midnight when...
Casey: Hey Jeremy, did something happen on this trip that you wanna talk about? Something happen at home?
Jeremy: No. Just--my parents are getting divorced.
Casey: I know.
Jeremy: So--I mean. It is what it is.
Casey: Yeah.
Jeremy: Anyway. It was a few minutes after midnight when The Sword of Orion turned again,making a course for 82 degrees South. And that was the last mistake they'd have a chance to make.

Control Room:
Dana: I'd like to audition these graphics in the 30's and leave time for any changes. Would you put 'em up, Dave.
Dave: I'm gonna put 'em up on a monitor, but I think you might want to let us do the talking.
Dana: Why?
Dave: You frighten the people who work in graphics.
Dana: No I don't.
Dave: Yes you do.
Dana: The people in graphics are my friends.
Natalie: That's not quite right.
Dana: I'm so nice to them.
Natalie: That's one way of looking at it.
Dana: What's another way?
Natalie: That oftentimes you express your displeasure with their work in waysthat make them want to take their own lives.
Dana: I absolutely do not.
Natalie: Talk to us. Let us talk to them.
Dana: I'm perfectly nice.
Natalie: Dana.
Dana: Watch how nice I can be.
Natalie: Dana.
Dana: Fine. Show me 30. Watch how nice I can be.
Chris: 30's up.
Dana: Oh THAT blows!
Chris: (into headset) Yeah, she's not wild about it.
Natalie: Back here at ten. (She and Dana exit into the News Room)

News Room:
Dana: Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.
Natalie: Dana, he's acting very strange today.It's honestly not like him not to call me, and he didn't respond to the Good and Plenty and it was the big box of Good and Plenty, and what's up with his obsession about this boat race.
Dana: I wouldn't call it an obsession.
Natalie: No it is.
Dana: Is his father still living at home?
Natalie: No he's at a motel now.
Dana: Is Jeremy very close to his father?
Natalie: Jeremy worships his father. He's the sweetest man.
Dana: It shouldn't be too hard to understand why Jeremy's not in the best mood.
Natalie: He's not telling me something.
Dana: Jeremy?
Natalie: Yeah.
Dana: Don't worry about it.
Natalie: Yeah.
Dana: Hey. The people in graphics are afraid of me?
Natalie: Yeah.
Dana: Excellent.

Rebecca's Office
Dan is sitting in Rebecca's office with a few people from her floor. He is holding a baseball and demonstrating different pitches.
Dan: These fingers wrap around these two seams. It's called a 2-seam fastball. Now don't throw that until your arm is good and warm, Celia. Don't be a hero.
Rebecca enters.
Rebecca: I don't believe this.
Dan: Hey, Rebecca's back. Who wants to show Rebecca what we've been working on?
Rebecca: This is my office. This is so totally my office.
Dan: You guys, I think Rebecca wants you to leave. (They leave.)
Rebecca: This is MY office. That's my desk. This is my chair. This is my job.
Dan: You look to me like somebody who needs to learn the proper grip of a 2-seam fastball.
Rebecca: Dan, do you see that I have work to do?
Dan: I see that you have work to do but I'm not entirely convinced that you know what it is.
Rebecca: Get out.
Dan: You really won't watch a baseball game with me, huh?
Rebecca: Not tonight.
Dan: Really?
Rebecca: Yeah.
Dan: All right. I'm not discouraged.
Rebecca: Good.
Dan: I am Dan.
Rebecca: Yes you are.
Dan: I'll see you Monday.
Rebecca: Yeah.

Editing Room:
Jeremy: Listen to what Milton says in Paradise Lost. He's basically saying that Orion becomes an instrument of divine wrath, perfectly controlled by God, to thwart those who would defy him who "treadeth upon the waves of the sea."
Natalie: (enters) Casey. Did you get a five-minute call?
Casey: No.
Natalie: Five minutes.
Casey: Really?
Natalie: Yeah.
Casey: It's ten to eleven.
Natalie: Right.
Casey: We still go on the air at eleven, right?
Natalie: Yes.
Casey: So--
Natalie: I want to talk to Jeremy.
Casey: No problem. Talk to me later, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Thanks.
Casey: By the way, this is the second time today I've been kicked out of a room, and I go pleasantly and without incident.
Natalie: Thank you. (Casey exits)
Jeremy: There's a lot of great stuff on Orion, the God and also the constellation. Most people only see the belt, which is formed by Delta, Epsilon and Zeta, three second magnitude stars that are equally spaced in a straight line. Beneath the belt is a line of fainter stars and of these stars, Theta isn't really a star at all. It's actually the brightest part of the Orion nebula. So this great pink star in the sword of Orion turns out to be something far more...complicated and interesting. (pause) My father's been having an affair with a woman for 27 years.
Natalie: Do you know her?
Jeremy: No.
Natalie: How did your mom find out?
Jeremy: He told her. You know...I don't know how quickly I can get this piece done.
Natalie: That's okay.
Jeremy: It's worth it, I think, to figure out exactly how...this boat...that was supposed to win...met with this kind of disaster. I'd like to look at a chart.
Natalie: It's okay.
Jeremy: I'm sorry I didn't call.
Natalie: Don't think about it now.

Control Room/Studio:
Dan & Casey are at the desk where Dan has his head down and is plugging his ears. Casey is getting a touch-up from Alyson.
Chris: 15 seconds back.
Casey: I'll tell you what else: I can cook. Not everything, but spaghetti I'm very good at. And cupcakes.
Alyson: What's Dan doing?
Casey: Don't worry about it.
Dave: In three...two...
Casey: That was Connie Morton in Fort Lauderdale with the Orioles. An auspicious outing for Scott Erickson and the lefty Orlando Rojas. (Slams fist on the desk)
Dan: That's all for us. We're off tomorrow, but Sunday we've got the final round coverage of the Battle Creek Invitational we'll see if Fuzzy Zoeller can close the gap. You've been watching Sports Night on CSC, have a good night.
Casey: G'night everybody.
Dave: Music.
Will: Go.
Dave: Animation.
Chris: Go.
Dave: We're out.
Dana: Good show.
Natalie: Good show everybody.
Dana: It was a very nice show.
Kim: We were pumped.
Dana: I could tell.
Natalie: It was a good show.
Dana: Yes. Would you tell graphics that the wise thing for them to do is to leave the building right now very quickly?
Natalie: (into headset) Hey. Dana says you guys come on up for a well-deserved pat on the back.

News Room:
Dan & Casey are walking out of the Studio through the News Room.
Elliot: (handing Dan a tape) Here it is.
Dan: Ahhh, thank you very much.
Elliot: Have a good night.
Dan: Take it easy.
Casey: G'night Elliot. Listen, I'm gonna go talk to Jeremy a bit. Yougonna watch the game in the office?
Dan: Yeah.
Casey: I'll stop by.
Dan: (shouting as he walks through the News Room) I'm walking through the newsroom now carrying the tape! Please stop all conversation about Orlando Rojas and the Orioles game! I repeat, please stop all conversations regarding Orlando Rojas and...
(Dan enters his office to see Rebecca standing there)
Rebecca: He slipped on a tangerine peel in the locker room before the game. He twisted his ankle pretty good.
Dan: Are you serious?
Rebecca: Boy did you bite down hard on that one!
Dan: That was nice, you played a little joke.
Rebecca: Steve made it clear that he didn't want me in that world. It was very important to him and I...he had a hard time mixing those things.
Dan: I had a hunch.
Rebecca: I want to tell you that I appreciate the extraordinary effort you went throughtoday. I want you to know I appreciate it. And it's hard...because, well--
Dan: The wall of pain?
Rebecca: Sure.
Dan: With the bricks and the tears--
Rebecca: --and the third thing, yeah.
Dan: I'm gonna tear down that wall, Rebecca. Bit by little bit. It may take weeks, it could take months, but
I'm gonna do it. I'm hunkered down for a long period of wall-demolition. Just bit by little bit. I expect the process to be excrutiating, but ultimately worth it.
Rebecca: I've booked a suite at the St. Regis for tonight. Room service has a bottle of champagne chilling in the room right now. Could I take you there please.
Dan: Well that'll speed things up considerably.
Rebecca: Follow me.
("Sloop John B." by The Beach Boys starts)
Dan: Okay.
Rebecca: Dan.
Dan: Yeah.
Rebecca: Take the tape.
Dan: The tape?
Rebecca: Take the tape.
Dan: (smiles) Excellent.
Dan and Rebecca walk through the News Room and then past the Control Room where they stop and wave goodbye to Casey, Jeremy & Natalie who are talking in the room.


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