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Season 1: Episode 21: Ten Wickets

Casey: It's been a week.
Dan: I know.
Casey: It's been a week.
Dan: As a matter of fact it hasn't.
Casey: It's been a week.
Dan: It's been six days. It was a week ago tomorrow.
Casey: It was a week ago tomorrow that somebody tried to blow up the building.
Dan: Yes.
Casey: Tomorrow it'll be a week.
Dan: Yes.
Casey: Since the time that somebody tried to blow up the building.
Dan: Yes, and I think it's time for you to get over it.
Casey: Doesn't really seem like that's gonna happen though, does it?
Dan: I'm not optimistic.
Dave: 60 seconds to VTR, two minutes live.

Control Room/Studio
Natalie: Ready 1.
Will: Stand by animation.
Chris: Stand by 1 and F/X-1.
Dana: I'm forgetting things.
Natalie: What are you forgetting?
Dana: Nothing specific.
Natalie: You're not forgetting anything specific?
Dana: No, I just have this sense about me of forgetting things. Losing things.
Jeremy: What've you lost?
Dana: Nothing specific. You know you're almost tempted to consider the possibility that I'm just going stark raving mad.
Jeremy: Well you sure don't have to sell me. (into mic) Casey, Robbie Alomar just made the last out at first.

Casey: Thank you. Wouldn't you think that when a guy threatens to blow up a building in the name of God, wouldn't you think religious leaders would step forward at that point?
Dan: I do.
Casey: Wouldn't you think that rabbis and priests and ministers and cardinals would step forward and say "Fella, we think that pretty much any hope you have of getting into heaven will be ruined if you blow up that building"? Would you think they'd say that?
Dan: I would.
Casey: And when they didn't--
Dan: Casey--
Casey: What?
Dan: It's just that we've had this conversation a few times already.
Casey: When they didn't, --
Dan: Wouldn't I think somebody would ask why?
Casey: Wouldn't you think somebody would ask why?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: You agree.
Dan: I'm right with you.
Casey: Thank you.
Dan: I, however, have decided to move on.
Casey: So you're not with me.
Dan: I am.
Casey: No, I'm here, you've moved on.
Dan: Yes.

Dana: There are three things that I'm doing. I'm losing things, I'm forgetting things--and there's a third one.
Dave: Roll VTR, 60 seconds live.
Natalie: (into mic) Everybody, this is your nightly two-minute confirmation that I'm still Jeremy's girlfriend.
Jeremy: No you're not.
Natalie: I am.
Jeremy: (into mic) She's not.
Natalie: Oh yes.
Jeremy: I've broken up with you. I've broken up with you and I break up with you again. Right there. Right then is when I did it. We just broke up.
Natalie: Look, whoosh, I undid it.
Jeremy: Can we please--
Natalie: (into mic, singing) Jeremy loves me.
Dave: 30 seconds live.

Casey: You were with me.
Dan: Yes.
Casey: You were with me for a time.
Dave: In ten.
Casey: You were with me for a time, but then you moved on.
Dan: I did.
Casey: You moved far away.
Dan: Not far enough.
Dave: In three, two--
Dan: Good evening, from New York City I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Those stories plus, we've got double plays in the West and triple threats in the South.
Casey: We've got the Phoenix Suns in the morning, we've got Warren Moon at might, we got rhythm, music, the works. All that, comin' up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.


Editing Room
Jeremy: (on the phone) Yes. Yes. You're breaking up now. Hello? You're breaking up. Now you're not there at all. There's nobody there at all. Yet I'm still talking. (Dana enters, clearly looking for something.) Jeremy hangs up) Alright. Dana--
Dana: Yes.
Jeremy: I was just talking to a guy in Trinidad.
Dana: When were you in Trinidad?
Jeremy: I wasn't in Trinidad, the guy was in Trinidad. He was talking to me about a cricket match in New Delhi.
Dana: But--
Jeremy: Neither of us were in New Delhi. The cricket match was in New Delhi, the guy was in Trinidad, I was right here.
Dana: Have you seen my shoes?
Jeremy: What?
Dana: I'm missing my shoes.
Jeremy: Among other things, yes. Dana, seriously-- (they walk through the studio and control room)
Dana: The cricket player.
Jeremy: It was incredible.
Dana: What was incredible?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Dana: You don't know?
Jeremy: I don't know anything about cricket.
Dana: Brown suede heels, you really haven't seen 'em?
Jeremy: No, I really haven't.
Dana: You don't know anything about cricket?
Jeremy: That's what I'm saying.
Dana: Really?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Dana: Nothing?
Jeremy: No.
Dana: And there's no information you can give me about my shoes? (they enter the conference room)
Jeremy: Dana, a very big sports story is happening.
Dana: Jeremy, if a very big sports story was happening, we'd know it.
Jeremy: We do know it, we just don't understand it.
Dana: You don't understand it.
Jeremy: You understand cricket?
Dana: I know a little something.
Jeremy: What?
Dana: I know they drink tea.
Jeremy: I think they do more than that.
Dana: I didn't claim to be a student of the game. (Others enter the conference room) Natalie, do you know anything about cricket?
Natalie: I know they drink tea.
Dana: Elliot?
Elliot: No.
Dana: Kim, do you know anything about cricket?
Kim: What's goin' on?
Dana: A guy in New Delhi just did something.
Kim: What?
Dana: Jeremy won't tell us.
Jeremy: I honestly don't know. And I wouldn't have even brought it up except that whatever this guy did it was huge.
Natalie: What did he do?
Jeremy: He took all ten wickets in an inning.
Natalie: What does that mean?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Dana: Elliot, get on the international wire and get Jeremy the play by play of this cricket match in Tripoli.
Jeremy: Trinidad, and the cricket match was in New Delhi.
Dana: I don't think it matters if the cricket match was at the Carnegie Deli, we're not gonna know what the hell went on, but get it anyway.
Jeremy: The guy's name is Chauncy St. John.
Dana: What guy?
Jeremy: The guy! The cricket player! His name is Chauncy St. John. Elliot, go.
Elliot: Got it. (exits)
Dana: (Dan enters) Dan, do you know anything about cricket?
Dan: Ahhh, cricket. The game of the civilized sportsman.
Dana: Do you know anything about it?
Dan: No.
Dana: You like it though.
Dan: What's not to like? They wear white, they drink tea.
Natalie: Guy in New Zealand got all ten rickets.
Jeremy: Wickets! In New Delhi! This is an international news story. There are countries other than ours.
Dana: Yes. There is, for instance, Belgium. To name but one.
Casey: (enters) What's up?
Jeremy: Please don't ask.
Casey: Don't ask about what?
Dana: Jeremy was on the phone with a man who was in Trinidad at the time who told him of a cricket player in New Delhi who got all ten wickets in one inning. Thought I was gonna blow it, didn't you.
Jeremy: Yes I did.
Dana: Anyway, don't ask.
Casey: Okay.
Dana: Folks, before we start, I'd like to say that I've been forgetting things lately. And losing things. I apologize in advance and you'll know it when you see it. Anyway, that's all. (She gets up and exits. The rest of the team simply sits and waits. Dana comes back after a few seconds) We have a run-down meeting now.
All: Yes.
Dana: Item one:

Editing Room
Jeremy: This is from The World Observer. It says if you compared it to baseball, it'd be like pitching three perfect games on three consecutive days.
Casey: Really?
Jeremy: Wait. But not exactly.
Casey: Why not exactly?
Jeremy: It says the final four batters scored 16 runs.
Casey: Doesn't sound good.
Jeremy: It certainly doesn't sound perfect.
Casey: Right.
Jeremy: In baseball, if the final four batters scored 16 runs, it's be hard to consider that perfect.
Casey: Jeremy, I don't know how comfortable I am reporting a story I don't understand.
Jeremy: It's not that hard to understand. There's a bowler, see, and there's a batsman.
Casey: What's a bowler?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Casey: What's a batsman?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Casey: Well keep it up.
Dan: (enters) Hey!
Casey: Hey.
Dan: Ask me my name.
Casey: What's your name?
Dan: Mr. Happy Guy.
Casey: Rebecca?
Dan: Flying back tonight. Meeting me after the show.
Casey: Good.
Dan: I love it when she meets me after the show.
Jeremy: Here's something: (reading) "Raj Rajhan edged a humble snorter to the slips where Suarav Ganguly dived to his right to pick up a low snatch." (Dan and Casey stare blankly) The humble snorter went straight to the slips and the snatch was obviously lower than it ordinarily is.
Casey: Yes.
Jeremy: I'm getting to the bottom of this.
Casey: Keep me posted. (Dan and Casey exit and walk through the studio)

Dan: Casey?
Casey: Yes.
Dan: I'm Mr. Happy Guy.
Casey: Yeah we met back there.
Dan: I don't believe it.
Casey: What?
Dan: You're not with me.
Casey: I'm with you.
Dan: No. I wasn't with you on the religious leaders deal so you're--this is payback.
Casey: Yes.
Dan: This is punitive.
Casey: Yes it is.
Dan: These are two totally different things. I'm excited 'cause Rebecca's coming back, and you're, you know, just a ranting lunatic.
Casey: I am not a ranting lunatic, this is honest outrage! Somebody made a bomb threat because a radio deejay did a sketch where Jesus was gay. In the name of religion, this man threatened the lives of about 700 people. The absence of admonishment from the church is totally bizarre!
Dan: Yes.
Casey: Yes?
Dan: I'm with you.
Casey: Now you're just saying that.
Dan: No I'm not.
Casey: You're just saying that 'cause you want me to be with you on the other thing.
Dan: I'm not.
Casey: Yes you are.
Dan: Yes I am, but I can fake my enthusiasm and you'll never know the difference.
Casey: That's all I'm asking.
Dan: So the deal is I'll be outraged about your thing and you'll be happy 'cause Rebecca's back.
Casey: Fine.
Dan: You're not happy.
Casey: I am.
Dan: No you're not. You're not happy that Rebecca's back.
Casey: Danny, this is gonna go badly for you.
Dan: No it's not.
Casey: She's got a blind spot for Steve Sisco.
Dan: Her ex-husband is not--
Casey: He's not her ex-husband. They're separated.
Dan: I know.
Casey: They're in counseling.
Dan: He's a jerk, Casey.
Casey: I know.
Dan: You shoulda seen the way he treated her.
Casey: I know how he treated her.
Dan: And you still think she's gonna end up going back to him?
Casey: Danny--
Dan: Be happy for me.
Casey: I am happy for you.
Dan: Are you faking it?
Casey: Doesn't matter.

Isaac's Office
Dana: (on the phone) I'm right here. I'm right here, Isaac, I'm in your office right now. I've got everything completely under control except I can't find my shoes. No. No. That's a funny joke, did I look on my feet? That was a funny joke. You're a senile old man, and this stroke is a punishment for not having been nicer to me. Then why won't you let me come down there? You heard what I said, I said why won't you let me come down there?
Natalie: Is that Isaac?
Dana: Natalie's here.
Natalie: Let me talk to him.
Dana: She says she doesn't want to talk to you.
Natalie: Yes I do.
Dana: 'Cause you're a stubborn person and she's not interested in speaking to stubborn people.
Natalie: Yes I am.
Dana: No she's flat out refusing. Good-bye. (hangs up) He's very stubborn.
Natalie: What's he say?
Dana: He made it up and down the corridor with a cane.
Natalie: Good.
Dana: I can't believe he won't let us come there.
Natalie: Leave it alone.
Dana: I won't leave it alone.
Natalie: No I don't think you will.
Dana: He's being stubborn.
Natalie: Then he is.
Dana: That's right.
Natalie: Dana, this is a fully grown man of enormous dignity and accomplishment. He has covered wars and he's dined with Kings and he can't move the left side of his body and he doesn't want us to see him like that. Now what's wrong?
Dana: Everything's wrong.
Natalie: I mean with the forgetting things and the losing things.
Dana: I don't know.
Natalie: Really?
Dana: I don't know.
Natalie: Okay.
Dana: I know I don't like it when Casey's mad at me.
Natalie: I know.
Dana: He's never gonna stop being mad at me.
Natalie: Yes he is.
Dana: Here's the thing.
Natalie: What?
Dana: He's got a point.


Editing Room
Natalie: (watching a video of cricket footage) This is a spectacular play.
Jeremy: You don't even know what you're looking at.
Natalie: Yes I do.
Jeremy: No you don't.
Natalie: I'm a sports professional, gumdrop, and I happen to know a little something about the cricket stylings of New Guinea's Mr. Chutney St. Joan.
Jeremy: Yes, New Delhi's Mr. Chauncy St. John, and that's not him.
Natalie: What are we doing tonight?
Jeremy: Nothing.
Natalie: Really?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Natalie: Dinner?
Jeremy: No.
Natalie: Late movie?
Jeremy: No.
Natalie: You wanna rent some porn?
Jeremy: Natalie, we can't go out tonight.
Natalie: Why?
Jeremy: 'Cause we're not going out anymore.
Natalie: That doesn't mean we can't go out anymore.
Jeremy: It sorta does.
Natalie: Jeremy--
Jeremy: I'm just trying to get over it.
Natalie: Get over it.
Jeremy: Yes.
Natalie: No, I'm saying get over it.
Jeremy: I'm trying. I know it's been all of three weeks, I'll see if I can speed up my nervous breakdown.
Natalie: That's fine.
Jeremy: Thank you.
Natalie: Nobody's rushing you.
Jeremy: I appreciate it.
Natalie: Are you over it yet?
Jeremy: Natalie--
Natalie: How 'bout now?
Dan: (enters, holding a wrapped box) Hey look.
Natalie: What's that?
Dan: It's an abacus.
Natalie: Excellent.
Dan: An antique abacus.
Jeremy: Probably the only kind there are.
Dan: I got it in Chinatown at a place called Dang Luck. Isn't it great?
Natalie: It's wrapped.
Dan: If you could see it you'd think it was great.
Jeremy: Dan's Mr. Happy Guy.
Dan: Yes I am.
Natalie: I can see.
Dan: It's an abacus.
Natalie: So you said.
Dan: She's a market analyst. Numbers. Arithmetic.
Natalie: You know if she opens a new checking account on the corner, they'll give her a free calculator.
Dan: I'm not sitting on the sidelines anymore, Natalie, I'm getting in the game.
Natalie: Yes.
Dan: Steve Sisco wants his wife back, the road goes through me.
Natalie: I love it.
Dan: Tonight Rebecca's getting an antique abacus from Dang Luck.
Natalie: Yes.
Dan: What am I crazy?
Natalie: No.
Dan: Am I Mr. Crazy Guy?
Natalie: No.
Dan: I am.
Natalie: You're not.
Dan: I'm crazy.
Natalie: Crazy in love.
Dan: No, just crazy.
Natalie: Dan--
Dan: An abacus? What is that, cute?
Natalie: It's cute.
Jeremy: It's a little cute.
Dan: Natalie--
Natalie: What market analyst wouldn't love an antique abacus from Dang Luck.
Dan: Honesty. Honesty and directness are what's required. I love her. It's that simple. Honesty will win the day. Thank you. (exits)
Natalie: I'm talkin' about really good porn.
Jeremy: Natalie--
Natalie: Let's work.

Dan & Casey's Office
Dana: Hey.
Casey: Hey.
Dana: Couple a notes.
Casey: Fire.
Dana: Ten seconds less on the Arizona bullpen.
Casey: Done.
Dana: Write a shorter intro for the S.O.T. on the amateur draft.
Casey: Done.
Dana: Stop making Jerry Falwell jokes on the air.
Casey: No.
Dana: Yes.
Casey: I don't do Jerry Falwell jokes.
Dana: The asides, the drop-ins, I'm telling you, stop it.
Casey: A week ago today somebody threatened to blow up the building and all the people in it, including me.
Dana: And you think it was Jerry Falwell?
Casey: I've not ruled him out as a suspect.
Dana: I'm serious.
Casey: What are you afraid of?
Dana: Offending people.
Casey: Who? Our legions of viewers who take Jerry Falwell seriously? Charo's got a bigger fan base.
Dana: Casey--
Casey: No, I know I'm alone on this. I know the vast majority of people consider Jerry Falwell a spiritual pillar of great and gentle wisdom. I know that most people consider him a scholarly and tolerant man who would never judge others harshly just because they were different. I know that most people find his calm leadership to be a gentle soothing beacon in a time of great social chaos. His guidance, for instance, on the great purple Tellytubby matter, was fraught with the kind of theological sophistication that only Jerry Falwell and a cafeteria full of sixth graders could devise. I know I'm going way out on a limb, but I think Jerry Falwell's a fat-ass. Who did I just offend? I'm eager to talk to them. I've got a typewriter and I'll use it as I see fit.
Dana: Not on my show.
Casey: Dana they're just jokes.
Dana: Do other jokes.
Casey: What is with you?
Dana: Not on my show, Casey.
Casey: Is this it?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: You're gonna bench me?
Dana: Absolutely.
Casey: Say it.
Dana: Do another Falwell joke and you're suspended for a week. (Casey gets up and leaves in a huff.)
Kim: Five minutes to air. First team in the studio, please. Five minutes.
Dana: Casey--

Jeremy: Hey Rebecca.
Rebecca: Hey Jeremy.
Jeremy: You just get in?
Rebecca: Yeah. Is Dan around?
Jeremy: He's just--
Rebecca: --if he's busy--
Jeremy: No, I'm--
Rebecca: They just said he's on the air in five minutes, of course he's--
Jeremy: I'll go get him.
Rebecca: He should be concentrating on the show. Don't tell him I'm here.
Jeremy: He'd kill me.
Rebecca: Jeremy--
Jeremy: He's very excited to see you.
Rebecca: I know, but--
Elliot: They're in extra-innings in Pittsburgh.
Jeremy: I'll feed it to Casey in the 20's. (turns back to Rebecca) What were you gonna say?
Rebecca: Nothing.
Jeremy: Rebecca--
Rebecca: I'll go wait in my office.
Jeremy: Rebecca?
Dan: Let's go everybody! Good show!
Jeremy: Dan.
Dan: Yeah. Hey!
Rebecca: Hi.
Dan: You're early.
Rebecca: We hit the jet stream.
Dan: I love the jet stream.
Rebecca: Yes.
Dan: I want you to know I'd kiss you right now, full on the lips, but there are people around and it's unprofessional. Leave people! I'm gonna run backstange where I have several gifts for you. Including one that's functional.
Jeremy: What were you gonna say?
Rebecca: I think I should tell Dan first, don't you?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Dan: I'm back. I've got wine. I've got flowers, and I've got a gift that I had to shop for.
Jeremy: Dan?
Dan: Yeah?
Jeremy: Three minutes.
Dan: Good show.
Jeremy: Good show. (exits)
Rebecca: I've got a hot tip for you. I heard some people talking on the plane about Barry Bonds, who plays for the San Diego Giants--
Dan: The San Francisco Giants.
Rebecca: Right.
Dan: What about him?
Rebecca: They say he's good.
Dan: He is good.
Rebecca: They say the San Francisco Giants are gonna be a good team.
Dan: They will, but not this year.
Rebecca: What about Barry Bonds?
Dan: Unfortunately, the rules prohibit Barry Bonds from batting before and after himself and he probably can't play right field and pitch at the same time. (Rebecca stares silently) Uh-oh.
Rebecca: Yeah.
Dan: You're going back to Steve.
Rebecca: He's my husband. I want you to know that--
Dan: It's okay.
Rebecca: No, I have to tell you that--
Dan: Don't worry about it. We'll see each other around the building. I've gotta go.
Rebecca: Danny, thank you for--
Dan: Hey, no, it was really. It was my pleasure.
Rebecca: Steve's waiting downstairs.
Dan: Tell him hi.
Rebecca: (starts to go, then turns back) These people really seemed to think the Giants were gonna go all the way this year.
Dan: They're wrong. (Rebecca leaves and Dan tosses the gifts onto a table)

Studio/Control Room
Dave: Stand by.
Chris: Animation's standing.
Will: Stand by music.
Dave: Back from commercial in three, two--
Casey: That's all for us, come back tomorrow and we'll let you know if the Pirates' game ever ended.
Dan: You've been watching Sports Night on CSC, have a good night.
Casey: G'night.
Dave: Music.
Will: Go.
Dave: Animation.
Chris: Go.
Dave: We're out.
Natalie: Good show.
Jeremy: Good show.
Dana: (Immediately gets up and heads to the desk) Casey.
Casey: What?
Dana: I'm sorry. (Casey signals her with his head that she should follow him. They walk backstage.) What're you doing?
Casey: Going someplace private.
Dana: But what was that with your head.
Casey: I was signaling you.
Dana: Signaling me what?
Casey: That we should go someplace private.
Dana: Okay, but don't do that thing with your head.
Casey: Are you gonna suspend me for a week?
Dana: I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about that. That was a very big gun to pull out. I'm sorry.
Casey: I'm sorry I've been testing your authority. You're the boss.
Dana: Okay.
Casey: Okay.
Dana: Wait. I'm sorry I bailed on the show that night. It was...I know if you'd done it to me, I'd have felt abandoned.
Casey: I was surprised by it.
Dana: Yeah.
Casey: It's not a big deal, I was surprised by it. Sally did a fine job.
Dana: (interrupting) Gordon's gonna ask me to marry him.
Casey: I'm sorry?
Dana: He's in Washington. And he told me on the phone that when he gets back he's gonna ask me to marry him. You know, he wants to do it...make it a big deal.
Casey: What're you gonna say?
Dana: I'm gonna...what're you kidding?...I'm gonna say yes!

News Room
Natalie: Gordon's gonna ask Dana to marry her.
Jeremy: Really.
Natalie: Yes.
Jeremy: How do you know?
Natalie: 'Cause I have special powers, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Hey--
Natalie: She told me.
Jeremy: Yes.
Natalie: And I think she just told Casey.
Jeremy: Ah.
Natalie: Are you over it yet?
Jeremy: Yes.
Natalie: Well that's just too bad. You know why? 'Cause--what?
Jeremy: I'm over it. I want to get back together with you.
Natalie: We were never broken up.
Jeremy: Yes we were.
Natalie: No.
Jeremy: We were.
Natalie: That's sweet,
Jeremy: Listen to me. We broke up. I had some things to sort out, and I broke up with you. Now I decree that we're back together.
Natalie: You should kiss me now.
Jeremy: Yes. Wait. Rebecca went back to her husband.
Natalie: Where's Dan?
Dan: (comes out of his office, holding a bottle of wine and a mug. He's obviously drunk) I'm right here.
Natalie: Hey Dan.
Dan: I'm on my feet. Bobbin' 'n weavin'. Breakin' tackles. Nothin' but open field.
Natalie: How ya doin'?
Dan: I've had a little wine. If somebody wants to make book on whether or not I'll be havin' a little more, I would not bet against me.
Jeremy: You might want to save some of that for Casey.
Dan: What's wrong with Casey?
Casey: (enters) Natalie.
Natalie: Casey.
Casey: Don't I rely on you?
Natalie: Yes, but--
Casey: Don't I rely on you for information?
Natalie: Casey, she didn't tell me until just before air time. I didn't want to tell you before you went on the air.
Dan: Didn't stop Rebecca.
Jeremy: That was my fault.
Dan: Then you are my sworn enemy.
Jeremy: Dan--
Dan: I love you, man, gimme a hug.
Casey: Danny.
Dan: I love you, too, Casey. You're like my, you know, much much older brother.
Casey: Danny.
Dan: Bobbin' 'n weavin'. (Dan has now poured wine for everyone)
Casey: Gordon asked Dana to marry her.
Dan: Wow.
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: No seriously, Casey.
Casey: I know.
Jeremy: Listen. Think about this. Halfway around the world, a lone man has accomplished an extraordinary athletic feat.
Dan: What?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Dan: Good enough.
Jeremy: I give you Mr. Chauncy St. John of New Delhi.
All: (toasting) Chauncy St. John.
Casey: Ahhhhh...somehow.
Dan: Somehow what?
Casey: Somehow, in time,I'm gonna figure out a way to blame this on Jerry Falwell.
Natalie: Jerry Falwell.
All: (toasting) Jerry Falwell.
Natalie: The thing is, Casey...
Casey: What?
Natalie: I didn't hear it.
Casey: Hear what?
Natalie: Did you hear it Dan?
Dan: I didn't hear it, did you hear it, Jeremy?
Jeremy: I didn't hear it.
Natalie: Nobody's heard it, Casey. Nobody's heard the bell ring.
Casey: Yeah?
Natalie: Yeah.
Casey: I'm gonna need a plan.

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