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Season 2: Episode 1: Special Powers

Dan & Casey's Office
Day 23
Casey sits on the floor, writing on a pad of paper with many balled up pages on the ground around him.

Dana's Office
Day 40
Dana enters her office. Casey pauses at her door window as he walks past.

Day 71
Casey leaves a note and a white rose on Dana's desk. He starts to leave, then returns to the desk and takes back the card, then the rose.

Day 79
Casey & Dana are alone in an elevator.

Dana: ...the Seahawks count, but if the feed on the Bruins comes in--
Casey: Listen, I was just thinking, uh, I, I'm sorry to interrupt, I was just wondering if you--
The elevator doors open and more people enter, breaking the moment.
Dana: What?
Casey: Um. Uh, nothing.

Day 86
Casey sees Dana and seems to prepare to approach her when another man starts talking to Dana, so Casey turns away.

Studio/Control Room
Casey watches Dana as she talks with staff. Dan joins Casey and Dana leaves.
Dan: It's been 90 days.
Casey: I know.
Dan: 90 days.
Casey: Listen.
Dan: There's a statute of limitations.
Casey: So you've said.
Dan: And it's 90 days.
Casey: I'd rather not talk about it.
Dan: It's just the time is right and I don't want you to be scared.
Casey: I appreciate that, but I'm not scared.
Dan: You've been telling me for 3 months that you are scared.
Casey: Well, I am scared.
Dan: Right, and I don't want you to be.
Casey: Yeah, that's great, but fear doesn't really work like that.

Dana: Good evening, I'm shuffling the 10 block. Where's the network feed?
Chris: Lumber sports.
Dana: Got it. I'm shuffling the 10 block. Dan, Casey, DeNardio's confirmed, so let's lead with it.
Casey: We're gonna lead with DeNardio?
Dana: Yeah.
Casey: Come on, we gotta lead with the Jets
Dana: Why?
Casey: 'Cause it's a better story.
Dana: That's a really good point, Casey, and thanks for the tap on the shoulder. Now, lead with DeNardio and fix your tie.
Jeremy: I've got a new top story.
Dana: I moved up DeNardio.
Jeremy: This trumps DeNardio.
Dana: Talks to me.
Jeremy: Cho Chang, a Chinese swimmer, is swimming the Taiwan Strait from Pescadores, or Pong Hu, to Tun Ting Dao and there's some question as to whether the mainland Chinese government is gonna let her come ashore. Some quick facts: the island is separated from South China by the 161-kilometer-wide strait and together with Matsu and Quemoy forms the seat of the government of the Republic of China which, of course, claims the right to rule all China. (pauses) The capital is Taipei. (pauses) I could feed it to Dan and Casey.
Dana: Not this second.

Natalie: Nieuwendyk is pitching in the fourth with 11 strikeouts.
Dan: Tell Dana we can move it up front.
Casey: Tell her it's KJAT. We can put it live feed in the seventh.
Dave: 30 seconds to VTR.
Chris: Stand by, animation.
Natalie: Where's Dana?
Jeremy: She's in the sound--
Natalie: Not you.
Elliott: She's back in the sound room.
Dana: (from the sound room) Right here.
Natalie: Nieuwendyk has 11 strikeouts in the fourth. A groundball back to the mound is the only thing in play. Let's move DeNardio back to the 20.
Dana: We're leading with DeNardio.
Natalie: Nieuwendyk is on pace to break the record.
Dana: When he breaks the record, we'll break the news.
Natalie: Dana--
Jeremy: Dana, the woman's halfway to Tun Ting Dao.
Dana: Please stop saying that.
Dave: Roll VTR.
Kim: 60 seconds live.
Dana: Casey--
Natalie: Dana, we can get the feed from KJAT. We wanna be in on this.
Dana: We'll be in on it later.
Natalie: Let's lead with it.
Jeremy: Natalie--
Natalie: Listen, Chun King, if you want to say something to me, you say it to somebody else.
Dana: Dan.
Dan: Got it, we're changing the lead to Nieuwendyk.
Dana: We're not changing the lead.
Casey: We're keeping it the Jets?
Dana: We're keeping it DeNardio.
Jeremy: There's a chance it's gonna be a Chinese swimmer named Cho Chang.
Dana: There's no chance it's gonna be a Chinese swimmer named Cho Chang, it's not gonna be Nieuwendyk, it used to be the Jets but now it's DeNardio and I wish you'd script it.
Dave: 30 seconds live.
Dan: We got this, right?
Casey: Good evening. From New York City, I'm blah blah blah alongside--
Dan: Blah blah blah. Those stories, plus Tony DeNardio has a new job and he won't be wearing crimson. How 'bout that?
Casey: That's good.
Alyson: You guys are all set.
Dan: Thank you, Alyson.
Casey: We're wingin' the tease tonight, Alyson.
Alyson: Good luck.
Casey: Flyin' without a script for 18 seconds. Living on the edge.
Dan: Living over the edge.
Dave: In 10.
Dana: Do you guys know what you're doing?
Casey: Yes.
Dan: Yes.
Dave: In 3, 2...
Dan: (simultaneous) Good evening. From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall.
Casey: (simultaneous) Good evening. From New York City, I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell. Dan and Casey pause.
Dan & Casey: (simultaneous) Those stories, plus... Dan and Casey pause again.
Dan: (under his breath) You go.
Casey: Those stories, plus Tony DeNardio has a new job and he won't be wearing crimson. Team Penske is driving on tires that won't be wearing down, and the Eagles have a placekicker who won't be wearing out his welcome.
Dan: All that coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.
Dana: Is it over yet?
Dan & Casey: (simultaneous) All right, that was totally his fault!
Kim: 2 minutes back.


Studio/Control Room
Dave: Stand by, 5.
Dan: (on monitor) DeNardio's career highlights include 11 bowl appearances, 7 bowl victories, and a career regular-season winning percentage of .632. For more, here's Kelly Kirkpatrick in College Park.
Dave: Go 5.
Chris: Stand by 1.
Dana: (on phone) Yeah, Isaac, I'm really sorry about that opening. I pushed DeNardio up to the 10s and teased it at the last minute. You can punish me appropriately. Who's this?
Jeremy: They changed the interoffice system.
Dana: (on phone) The control room. Who's this?
Jeremy: Dana, they changed the interoffice system.
Dana: (on phone) All right, well, sorry anyway. (hangs up) Jeremy, did they change the interoffice system?
Jeremy: They switched it over--
Natalie: Was she talking to you?
Jeremy: I'm pretty sure she was, yes.
Dana: I'll be right back. Natalie's got the wheel.
Natalie: Dave?
Dave: 90 seconds back.

Dan: You absolutely have to take this risk.
Casey: Risks aren't really my strong suit, Danny.
Dan: Tell me about it, Casey.
Casey: I can't, you know, become this thing that I'm not.
Dan: You are this thing that you're not.
Casey: No, I'm not.
Dan: She thinks you are. I think you are.
Casey: She thinks I am?

Isaac's Office
Dana: Isaac?
Isaac: Nieuwendyk's got 14 strikeouts.
Dana: Yeah. I'm sorry about the tease.
Isaac: Why?
Dana: We screwed up the show opening.
Isaac: When?
Dana: Just now. Didn't you see it?
Isaac: No.
Dana: Why not?
Isaac: We're not on the air yet.
Dana: Wha-, what are you talking about?
Isaac: We're on at 11:10 tonight.
Dana: Since when?
Isaac: We pushed 10 minutes for lumber sports.
Dana: Why didn't anyone tell me?
Isaac: Is it possible I forgot to tell you about being pushed to 11:10 for lumber sports?
Dana: Yes, Isaac, it is entirely possible that you forgot to tell me.
Isaac: Well, you had the network feed, you--
Dana: We didn't have the network feed. We turned off the network feed?
Isaac: Why?
Dana: Will's afraid of lumber sports.
Isaac: What the hell?
Dana: He's afraid of the axes and the saws. He thinks they're gonna cut themselves.
Isaac: I don't understand.
Dana: He just is, ok? How could you forget to tell me?
Isaac: Sorry.
Dana: Sorry?
Isaac: Yeah, yeah. So, how ya doin'?
Dana: Who cares how I'm doing? Isaac, I've gotta go start the show again. This is the craziest thing I've ever experienced in my life.
Isaac: Well, then you've gotta live more, Dana, 'cause there's some crazy-ass stuff out there.
Dana: I have to go now. 11:10?
Isaac: Yes. You didn't turn off the clocks in there, did you? Will's not afraid of clocks?
Dana: You look good today, and your speech is getting better.
Isaac: Go.

Studio/Control Room
Dan: Casey, you know what--
Casey: I know.
Dan: What's the worst that could happen, hmm?
Casey: She could say no, she could laugh, and then I'd feel ashamed for a long time and I already did that for 11 years.
Dave: In 3, 2...
Casey: Welcome back, in San Diego we've got...
Dana: Hello.
Natalie: Dana, we've got--
Dana: Hang on, this is gonna be fun. (walks through Control Room right into the Studio)
Casey: ...5-year contract with a major broadcast network, the name of which we'd reveal, but we're--
Dana: Hello, my name is Dana Whitaker. I'm the executive producer of Sports Night and I'm interrupting this broadcast to tell you that Casey took gymnastics after school for 7 years. How's he looking to you now, girls?
Dan: Dana--
Dana: We're not on the air, you idiots.
Casey: What happened?
Dana: We're going up 10 minutes late.
Natalie: Why didn't we get word?
Dana: We did get word.
Casey: Are you kidding me?
Dan: Don't worry about it.
Casey: Are you telling me that Isaac--
Dan: Don't worry about it.
Dana: Natalie, back up the field 10 minutes. Dave?
Dave: 11:10?
Dana: That's right. Put us back at ready 1. (to Dan and Casey) Can I see you two a second?
Casey: Yeah.
Dave: That's 2:20 to VTR, everybody. Let's do it again. (Dana, Casey and Dan go into the Editing room.)

Editing Room
Dana: It's like he didn't care.
Casey: Isaac?
Dana: Yeah. He forgot to tell me?
Dan: I think it would be great if we all stop worrying about Isaac.
Dana: I think it would be great if he stopped giving us cause to worry. Just keep an eye out, ok?
Casey: Yeah. (Dan nods and heads back to the studio. Casey looks like he's about to tell Dana something, then changes his mind and they both head to leave at the same time.)
Dana: Oh, oh.
Casey: Sorry.
Dan: Right there, you know what that was?
Casey: What?
Dan: missed opportunity. You miss enough of them and the ballgame's over.
Casey: Well, let's see if we can do the show right this time.

Studio/Control Room
Dan: Don't go anywhere folks, there's more to come. We've got Columbus, Colorado, DC, and LA. 4 soccer highlights, pinch me. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.
Dan: Dana, what are we doing about Nieuwendyk?
Dana: He's got 18 after 7. If he goes to 19, we'll break in.
Natalie: Finally.
Dana: Elliott, set the feed.
Chris: 90 seconds back.
Jeremy: Do you have a second?
Natalie: No, I don't have a second.
Jeremy: Actually, you have 90 seconds.
Natalie: I'm using this time for myself.
Jeremy: Natalie.
Natalie: Outside.

Conference Room
Natalie: Well?
Jeremy: First of all--
Natalie: Yes?
Jeremy: Thank you for seeing me.
Natalie: What do you want?
Jeremy: I want to say, while acknowledging that not everyone shares each other's view of the world, and while most situations between 2 or more people involve various shades of grey as opposed to black and white--
Natalie: What are you talking about?
Jeremy: I'm trying to say that I'm right and you're wrong. And what's more, you know I'm right and you're wrong.
Natalie: No, you mean you're right and I'm cute.
Jeremy: Natalie, they wanted you to be a damn weathergirl.
Natalie: They wanted me for local sports and human interest.
Jeremy: You turned down the job, why are we still fighting?
Natalie: You know why. It was--
Jeremy: No, I really don't!
Natalie: "They want you because you're cute"?
Jeremy: They wanted you because they're idiots.
Natalie: Thank you.
Jeremy: You know what I mean.
Natalie: I do know what you mean.
Jeremy: You weren't gonna get to do any writing. You weren't gonna get to do any reporting. They were gonna hand you wire copy and dress you--
Natalie: I understand that, Jeremy! I've been doing this a few years. I'm talking about you being upset I got the offer at all.
Jeremy: I don't know why you think I was upset.
Natalie: You were acting like--
Jeremy: You're wrong!
Natalie: I'm not.
Jeremy: And even if you're right, I don't know what's so wrong about being bummed because you might move to Galveston, Texas.
Natalie: Nothing. Except that's not what you were bummed about.

Studio/Control Room
Dave: In 3, 2...
Casey: Welcome back. Here's what's going on. Timothy Nieuwendyk just struck out his 19th batter, one short of tying and two short of breaking the all-time major league record. We're gonna take you out to San Francisco, we're gonna take you there live, and you're gonna stay for as long as it takes.
Dan: I know we promised you soccer highlights, so let me just tell you that Columbus beat Miami 1-0, Dallas beat San Jose 1-0, Chicago beat Colorado 1-0, and New England beat Kansas City 2-1 in an offensive slugfest. A modest proposal: make the nets bigger. John Savitch and Tom Vance in San Francisco.
Dave: We're out.
Dana: Don't anybody go too far.
Casey: Make the nets bigger?
Dan: You got a better idea?
Casey: Yes.
Dan: What?
Casey: How about a smaller net and no goalie?
Dan: I like it.
Casey: Yeah, like basketball.
Dan: Listen to me, you gotta--
Casey: Do you get that there are certain ways in which I'm not like you?
Dan: Yes.
Casey: You walk up to women, you're that guy. You have a smoothness, it works for you. Those are the ways in which I'm not like you.
Dan: I just thought you mean 'cause you were allergic to bees.

Isaac's Office
Isaac is watching the show.
Dan: Hey.
Isaac: Hey.
Dan: What's up?
Isaac: Make the nets bigger?
Dan: Either that or a lot smaller and get rid of the goalies.
Isaac: Dan, this network has a 3-year deal with major league soccer.
Dan: I know, that's why I'm trying to help out.
Isaac: Two billion soccer fans will be happy to hear that.
Dan: So what happened?
Isaac: When?
Dan: Before.
Isaac: What do you mean?
Dan: You forgot?
Isaac: That?
Dan: Yeah.
Isaac: I forgot.
Dan: Isaac, you can't work full-time.
Isaac: I have to.
Dan: Why?
Isaac: Because they pay me to.
Dan: You had a stroke.
Isaac: Is that what that was?
Dan: Yes.
Isaac: I thought it was bad swordfish.
Dan: Isaac, I'm not kidding around here.
Isaac: Leave me alone, Danny.
Dan: Where are you going?
Isaac: To get myself a drink.
Dan: Are you allowed to drink?
Isaac: Danny, I'm 63 years old. I've got a driver's license and everything.
Dan: I meant in your condition.
Isaac: I know what you meant.
Dan: Is this about the network?
Isaac: Is what about the network?
Dan: You're trying to do more than you can do. I wanna know if this is about Luther and J.J. and feeling heat from CSC.
Isaac: Danny--
Dan: They see you're weak and they're coming after the show, is that what's happening?
Isaac: Listen--
Dan: Is that why you're working when you shouldn't be working? Give me names, Isaac. After your funeral and memorial service, I want to know who I go see.
Isaac: I'm not weak.
Dan: You forgot we were going up 10 minutes late?
Isaac: Yes, I did.
Dan: Admit that it's harder now.
Isaac: I have no trouble admitting that.
Dan: Ask people to do things for you.
Isaac: Like what?
Dan: Like getting you a drink.
Isaac: Why?
Dan: Because you're been walking over to that bar for, like, a half an hour now.
Isaac: I'm getting stronger.
Dan: Yeah.
Isaac: The recovery period--
Dan: The recovery period's 12 months.
Isaac: Yes.
Dan: Then why are you back at work after 5 months?
Isaac: Because I am. You know what, Danny? On your best day, you make about 10 mistakes and if you don't believe me, let's take a look at the file tape on tonight's teaser.
Dan: That was my fault.
Isaac: I'll say. I made a mistake just like the ones I used to make and there was a time when you and Casey would come in here and beat the hell out of me 'til tears were coming out of my eyes, I was laughing so hard. I'm not your damn grandfather, don't treat me that way. When I screw up, I don't want you coming in here for the talk, I wanna hear some chatter out there.
Dan: Ok.
Isaac: Good. (Dan and Isaac knock fists.)

Control Room
Jeremy: This doesn't look good.
Natalie: Were you talking to me?
Jeremy: There's no one else in the room.
Natalie: That's right.
Jeremy: Do you think I was upset that you got offered the job and I didn't?
Natalie: Yes. I saw and ugly side of you come out.
Jeremy: You think you saw--
Natalie: I know what I saw and I'm telling you, if the tables had been turned, I would have thrown you a party.
Jeremy: Listen--
Natalie: We both want to be on camera and this isn't the last time this is gonna happen, so what do we do?
Jeremy: How 'bout we listen to what the other person is saying instead of trying to interpret?
Natalie: Oh, please.
Jeremy: Natalie--
Natalie: Men harbour this illusion that they can cover up their, you know, with this other thing, but women always know.
Jeremy: No, they don't. You know why not? Because don't have special powers, let's dispense with that theory right now. Women don't have a sixth sense, women don't have intuition, hey don't have special powers. You were being offered a job in Galveston. That meant I was gonna have to, like, go there. I was gonna have to go and live there and get a job in Galveston. And I wasn't gonna get offered a job in broadcasting, it was gonna be ranch work for me, ok, or big-game fishing. Either way, my life has taken an abrupt and bizarre turn because one minute I'm paying my bills with money I'm earning at my dream job while dating the most beautiful woman on the planet and the next minute, I'm on a cattle drive and I'm dating the weathergirl from "Good Morning, Galveston." And I'd have done it. I'd have moved to Galveston with the heat and the cattle and the malaria, I'd have done it because that's how much I love you and that's how much I want what you want, but you can't expect me to be wild about the idea. What?
Natalie: You are so cute.
Jeremy: Natalie--
Natalie: You are just so cute.
Jeremy: We need to be serious for just a second.
Natalie: I'm totally serious.
Jeremy: Listen.
Natalie: What?
Jeremy: Nothing.
Natalie: What?
Jeremy: The thing is, your instinct wasn't entirely wrong.
Natalie: I know.
Jeremy: I didn't behave like a man.
Natalie: You're apologizing like one.
Jeremy: Yeah?
Natalie: You're so cute, it freaks me out.
Jeremy: Alright, well let's just say--
Natalie: Let's just say what?
Jeremy: Nothing.
Natalie: No, it's ok. You wanna make a little proclamation, I can tell.
Jeremy: I don't want to make a proclamation.
Natalie: Sure, you do. Go ahead.
Jeremy: Well, no, it's just--
Natalie: Come on!
Jeremy: I deem that the fight is officially over.
Natalie: Excellent. I deem I'm coming to bed tonight in your tuxedo shirt, high heels, and nothing else.
Jeremy: Excellent.
Elliott: Guys?
Natalie: Tell me women don't have special powers.
Elliott: Are you watching the game?
Natalie: Oh, man! No.
Elliott: Nieuwendyk isn't looking so good.
Natalie: Give me audio.

Dan & Casey's Office
Dana sits with her feet propped up, looking out at the view. Casey comes in.
Casey: Hey.
Dana: Oh, hey.
Casey: Whatcha doin'?
Dana: I'm hanging out in your office.
Casey: I can see.
Dana: I do that sometimes, during the show. During breaks. I like it here. I like the skyline, better than the one in my office.
Casey: Really?
Dana: No. I just made all that up. I was in here because I thought you might be in here.
Casey: Oh, yeah. And I am.
Dana: Mm-hmm. So I was right.
Casey: That is a beautiful skyline.
Dana: It's a beautiful city.
Casey: You know... This is gonna sound, uh, you're gonna laugh at this.
Dana: Try me.
Casey: Danny's been talking to me all week about the statute of limitations.
Dana: Have you committed a crime?
Casey: No, no! Well, I mean, back when I was pledging my fraternity, but I took care of that with community service.
Dana: I remember.
Casey: No, Danny was talking about that it's been 90 days since you broke off the engagement with Gordon and that that was my opportunity to, you know, to -- if I was gonna – to ask you out. That was my opportunity to ask you out.
Dana: Statute of limitations?
Casey: Yeah. Anyway... I'd better get back to the, uh, you know. Go back.
Dana: It's 60 days.
Casey: What?
Dana: It's 60 days. Whatcha been waiting on, McCall?
Casey: I was...
Dana: Huh?
Casey: I was, you know, waiting.
Dana: You were waiting for what, St. Swithin's Day?
Casey: I was waiting the proper 90 days, the way I was taught.
Dana: Yeah, well, whoever taught you taught you wrong.
Casey: It was Danny.
Dana: No kidding.
Casey: Well, listen, unless you wave me off, I'm gonna kiss you right now.
Dana: If it's not too much trouble.
Casey: I'm gonna do it, Dana.
Dana: I'm saying do it, Casey. (Casey pauses awkwardly.) You've done this before, right? I mean, you have a child.
Casey: Yes, sure. Absolutely.
Dana: Good.
Casey: Yes. (Casey just stands still, making no moves)
Dana: Casey?
Casey: Yeah?
Dana: I'm standing here.
Casey: Right. All I was thinking was that I have to be back on the air in, uh, just a short time.
Dana: Right.
Casey: And squeezing this in between the Tim Nieuwendyk and the NFL injury report seems, uh...
Dana: You're right?
Casey: Aren't I?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: So after the show?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: Good, I'll meet you back here. (Casey turns to leave.)
Dana: Tell Natalie I'm on my way.
Casey: Good. ("It's In His Kiss" by Betty Everett starts playing. Casey leaves the office then turns around and comes back in and walks up to Dana and kisses her passionately.) You don't mess with the statute of limitations. It's showtime. (Casey leaves the office again and walks back to the studio.) Yeah!
Dana smiles and tries to collect herself before following Casey out.

Studio/Control Room
Casey: Man, did Nieuwendyk collapse.
Dan: Total self-destruct.
Casey: Ah, not unlike somebody--
Dan: Shut up.
Casey: Thank you, Alyson.
Alyson: Can I go?
Casey: You can go.
Dan: What's with the look?
Casey: What look?
Dan: On your face. The look on your face.
Casey: I'm just feelin' good.
Dave: 60 seconds in.
Chris: Stand by, sound 180.
Will: Stand by, animation.
Natalie: (on phone) Dana, we're up right now. We need you right here, right now. (Dana enters)
Elliot: That's incredible.
Dana: Who are you talking to?
Natalie: (on phone) You know what? You can stay where you are.
Jeremy: I keep thinking about Cho Chang and her swim to freedom.
Natalie: I keep thinking about 3-inch heels.
Jeremy: OK, that's what I'm thinking about, too.
Dave: Dan, Casey, coming to you live in 10.
Dana tries to look casual but can't stop smiling. Isaac watches the filming from beside the cameras.
Dave: In 3, 2...
Casey: Welcome back. And say what you will, but Timothy Nieuwendyk did a yeoman's job before becoming completely unhinged.
Dan: No need to go home unhappy though, we've got some lovely parting gifts for you when we come back. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.
Dave: We're out.


original transcript from the_49th_floor

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