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Season 2: Episode 11: The Cut Man Cometh

Studio/Control Room
CASEY: With his superior reach and much ballyhooed punching power, Willis has been the second-best light-heavyweight in the world over the last two years. Tomorrow night, could he become the best? Mike Greenwey is live at Bally's Park Place in Atlantic City. Mike?
DAVE: We're out.
ELLIOT: Two minutes back.
Dan and Casey are mock-boxing at the desk.

CASEY: What's this?
DAN: Left jab.
CASEY: What's this?
DAN: Left jab.
CASEY: Huh, what's this?
DAN: Left jab. You gonna throw any?
CASEY: What's this? Oh!
DAN: That's a straight right, is what it is.
CASEY: Lulled you to sleep with the left jab, knocked you out with the crushing right. (Casey swings wide at Dan)
DAN: What the hell was that?
CASEY: It's a haymaker.
DAN: That's a haymaker?
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: I never knew that. You know why?
DAN: 'Cause no one ever throws a haymaker.
CASEY: Steven Green does.
DAN: Who's Steven Green?
CASEY: Kid who beat me up in third grade.
DAN: He threw a haymaker?
CASEY: Yeah. Gave me a fat lip.
DAN: With a haymaker?
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: You should have seen it coming.
CASEY: He also kicked and you know there's no defense for that.

NATALIE: Dan, did you see tomorrow's revised schedule?
DAN: No.
NATALIE: I put it on your desk.
DAN: I'll take a look at it.
NATALIE: We're gonna prep the pre-flight coverage at 4:00.
DAN: I'll take a look at it.
NATALIE: And we're gonna do a supplemental rundown at 5:00. That’s gonna be--
DAN: Natalie?
DAN: There's a schedule on my desk?
DAN: I'll look at it.
NATALIE: Thank you.
DAN: That girl generates a lot of paperwork.
NATALIE: I heard that.
DAN: You generate a lot of paperwork, maybe too much.
DANA: Natalie, are we there?
DANA: These guys know everything they're supposed to know? They're gonna be hot tomorrow night?
DANA: I'm asking, are they ready?
NATALIE: If they're not, they only have themselves to blame.
DANA: That may be so, but I have you to blame, so make sure they are in gear.

CASEY: Who knows more than we do about boxing?
DAN: Boxers.
CASEY: Besides them.
DAN: Boxing experts.
CASEY: Besides them.
DAN: Boxing fans.
CASEY: Besides them.
DAN: No one.
CASEY: Damn straight.
DANA: 30 seconds in.
CASEY: We're gonna nail this.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: We are gonna stick the landing.
DAN: Sound on one?
WILL: Sound.
DAN: Thank you.
CASEY: You know why?
DAN: Why?
CASEY: 'Cause we are game-day players, like gladiators of old.
DAN: Ok.
DAN: What?
CASEY: Ah, paper cut.
DAN: You all right?
CASEY: Yeah, I'll play through it.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: I play with pain.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
CASEY: We're back.


Dan sits on the anchor desk waiting. His dad, Jay, enters backstage.
DAN: Dad.
JAY: Hey, Danny.
DAN: Was there traffic?
JAY: I took the Deegan to the Cross Bronx. I was fine.
DAN: Say, they ordered a bunch of pizzas, can you stay around a little bit?
JAY: I'm double-parked down there.
DAN: Ok. You know, I don't think you've been here since we moved into the new studio.
JAY: I think I have.
DAN: This one's, like, twice the as big as the old one, Dad. The old one was like cable access. (They walk through the studio and news room to Dan's office) See, all these people wouldn't normally be working here today. This is just for the special coverage.
JAY: For what?
DAN: For the fight. Dad, come one. I told you about this.
JAY: Oh, I'm sorry, Danny.
DAN: It's a very big deal. It's an expensive match and it's the kind of thing that put-- Our ratings are tracking right now at a 4.1. That's, like, twice our usual numbers. That's, like, 4 and a half million households, Dad.
JAY: 4 and a half million isn't that many, is it?
DAN: It's a lot for cable.
JAY: Don't the big shows get about 20 million?
DAN: Those shows aren't on cable.
JAY: Before you said you weren't on cable.
DAN: That's cable access. That's something different.
JAY: Listen, Danny, I'm double-parked downstairs.
DAN: Ok, sure. Ok, sorry, forgot. Ok. These'll get you into everything. There's a VIP pre-fight party thing I thought you might like, and there's a post-fight party where, if you want, you can watch me on television.
JAY: These are ringside.
DAN: That's right.
JAY: I don't need to sit that close.
DAN: What, are you kidding me?
JAY: I like to sit further back.
DAN: Oh, Dad--
JAY: Danny--
DAN: These are great seats--
JAY: I don't need to go strutting around and showing off like I'm a big shot.
DAN: It's not showing off, Dad. These are the seats they gave me, and, well, I'm a fairly important person in sports tonight.
JAY: Can you see if they can trade these, if they can move them back?
DAN: (laughing) Oh, yeah, sure, we'll see if we can scare somebody up who wants to sit ringside.
JAY: Danny, you don't have to get smart-ass with me.
DAN: I wasn't, Dad.
JAY: Listen, thanks for the tickets. You shouldn't wear your hair so short, you're starting to look a little bit gay.
DAN: Well, thanks for the fashion tip, Dad. Coming from you, that's really something.
JAY: I'm double-parked.
DAN: Ok. (Jay leaves.)

Conference Room
DANA: If the fight goes eight rounds or longer, we're fine. Any less than that, Dan and Casey have to fill.
ISAAC: So Dan and Casey fill.
DANA: I'm saying they can fill if it goes more than eight rounds. Under that--
ISAAC: Under that, they'll fill longer.
DANA: You're being pretty casual about this.
ISAAC: I trust Dan and Casey.
DANA: Ok, well, while you trust Dan and Casey, I'll be over here doing my job.
DANA: Mmm, yes?
JEREMY: Tim Turner is sick. He can't work tonight.
DANA: He's sick?
DANA: How sick?
JEREMY: Sick enough that he can't work tonight.
DANA: Who's the replacement?
JEREMY: A guy I've never heard of, which is saying something.
DANA: Does he have a name?
DANA: Mmm, what is it?
JEREMY: Who cares? I haven't heard of him.
DANA: Jeremy.
JEREMY: Chuck Kimmel.
DANA: Chuck Kimmel?
ISAAC: You're kidding.
JEREMY: No. Who is he?
DANA: The Cut Man.
JEREMY: The Cut Man?
ISAAC: The Cut Man.
JEREMY: Well, he was already in Atlantic City.
DANA: I'm assuming drunk and asleep at the slots.
JEREMY: As a matter of fact, he was. Who's the Cut Man?
ISAAC: Claims he was a corner man for Rocky Marciano.
DANA: He's never met Rocky Marciano.
ISAAC: He gave himself the name Cut Man.
JEREMY: You can't give yourself a nickname.
ISAAC: Don't I know it.
DANA: All right, moving on.
ISAAC: You don't think I'd like to be called The Hammer?
DANA: Isaac--
ISAAC: I would, Dana. I'd like to be called The Hammer. You now why I'm not?
DANA: You can't give yourself a nickname.
ISAAC: You can't give yourself a nickname.
ISAAC: Also, that one's taken.
JEREMY: That's right.
ISAAC: Hank Aaron.
DANA: The supplemental rundown.
ISAAC: Hammerin' Hank.
DANA: Yes.
ISAAC: Nickname taken.
NATALIE: You could be another tool, Isaac.
ISAAC: Like what?
NATALIE: Phillips Head Screwdriver?
ISAAC: No, I don't know.
NATALIE: Pliers.
DANA: Natalie--
DANA: Tell you what, why don't we stretch our legs and do this in half an hour?
JEREMY: Should I be talking to Kimmel?
DANA: Please. (Jeremy leaves.) Go and make sure Dan and Casey are doing what they're supposed to be doing.
NATALIE: Sure. How about Hammer?
DANA: Natalie--
NATALIE: Wait, no, that one's taken.
ISAAC: It is.
DANA: Go.(Natalie leaves.)
DANA: I'll tighten up the rundown. I'll show it to you in an hour.
ISAAC: Dana?
DANA: Yeah.
ISAAC: This is a big night for us. I need your best show.
DANA: What's that mean?
ISAAC: Whatever's bothering you, leave it outside.

Editing Room
DAN: See?
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: See how he's taking him to the ropes?
CASEY: And that lowers his centre of gravity?
DAN: And that's important 'cause he's giving up, like, 12 pounds.
CASEY: Let's talk about that tonight.
DAN: Yeah.
CASEY: When's your dad coming?
DAN: My dad?
CASEY: Yeah, when's he stopping by?
DAN: Oh, he was here already.
CASEY: I'm sorry I missed him.
DAN: He was, too.
CASEY: Is he psyched about the fight?
DAN: Yeah.
CASEY: Psyched you're covering the fight?
DAN: Yeah. He's a huge fight fan, so, you know, me covering this fight's like...he can die happy now.
CASEY: That's great.
JEREMY: (enters) Hello.
JEREMY: This you're gonna love. This may be the most important piece of boxing writing ever done.
CASEY: What with all the important pieces of boxing writing to choose from.
JEREMY: The Marquess of Queensberry Rules.
DAN: Marquis.
JEREMY: Quess.
DAN: Really?
CASEY: Could be Marquez.
JEREMY: It's Marquess. The Marquess of Queensbury Rules, written by--
CASEY: The Marquess of Queensberry?
JEREMY: No, boxing boy. John Graham Chambers.
CASEY: Then why is it called the Marquess of Queensberry Rules?
JEREMY: It's a mystery.
DAN: That'll keep me up at night.
JEREMY: Read the book before tonight. Jeremy leaves.)
CASEY: The rules of boxing. You know how many rules there are in boxing?
DAN: Twelve.
CASEY: There are twelve.
DAN: I suppose it's not the most complicated sport in the world.
CASEY: Not complicated, but complex.
DAN: You know, my father and I used to have this thing when we watched boxing. He'd sit in his chair and I'd sit on the floor next to him.
CASEY: You didn't have a chair?
DAN: No.
CASEY: What about your mom's chair?
DAN: This wasn't "All in the Family," Casey. There was a chair and there was a couch.
CASEY: Why wouldn't you sit on the couch?
DAN: I had a root beer. I had root beer and he had regular beer and we both had them in mugs.
CASEY: You didn't want to sit on the sofa because you might spill the root beer.
DAN: Yeah, I was little then and, you know, the mug was...
CASEY: Anyway, it's great that you made him happy today.
DAN: Yeah, he's psyched.

Dan & Casey's Office
Jeremy sits on the couch reciting boxing information to Casey.
JEREMY: "Before beginning real work, every man should take mild doses of physic to work on the bowels."
CASEY: What?
JEREMY: That's what this says. It's from Professor Michael J. Donovan, who was the third middleweight champion and the first to really capture the public's imagination. Later he became a boxing instructor at the New York Athletic Club, and his essay on fight preparation -- pretty much considered the gold standard. "Before beginning real work, every man should take mild doses of physic to work on the bowels."
CASEY: That's the gold standard.
JEREMY: Yeah, I thought you could work it into the post-fight interview.
CASEY: Oh, you think?
JEREMY: "Champ, that was a heartbreaking loss. Do you think the outcome would have been any different if before starting, you'd taken mild doses of physic to work on your bowels?"
CASEY: Hey, elucidate is spelled with two L's, right?
CASEY: Really?
CASEY: Interesting.
JEREMY: By the way, no Tim Turner tonight.
CASEY: Yeah, who do we have?
JEREMY: A guy I've never heard of.
CASEY: Chuck Kimmel?
JEREMY: Yeah, but you're supposed to call him Cut Man.
CASEY: I'm not calling him Cut Man.
JEREMY: He wants to be called Cut--
CASEY: I'm not calling him Cut Man.
JEREMY: He trained Rocky Marciano.
CASEY: Yeah, and I made sweet love to Ava Gardner in Paris.
JEREMY: That ruins Ava Gardner for me.
NATALIE: I love Ava Gardner.
JEREMY: Casey slept with her in France.
NATALIE: While she was doing "Green Acres?"
JEREMY: That's Eva Gabor.
NATALIE: I thought they were twins.
JEREMY: That's Zsa Zsa Gabor.
NATALIE: Which one did you sleep with in France?
CASEY: Natalie, I actually never--
JEREMY: Let me. Ava Gardner is dead. Eva Gabor was on "Green Acres." Zsa Zsa Gabor is her sister. Casey never slept with anybody in France.
NATALIE: Thank you. Can I talk to you a second?
CASEY: Yeah.
JEREMY: Here's another one. "When you return to your quarters, strip in a room free of drafts, let two men rub you gently with soft Turkish towels."
NATALIE: Jeremy--
JEREMY: "Then they should rub you with coarser towels to quicken the circulation and harder the skin."
NATALIE: Jeremy--
JEREMY: There's a joke to be made there, I just couldn't get the bat off my shoulder.
NATALIE: Maybe you can work on it outside, sweetie. I'd like to talk to Casey.
JEREMY: Ok. Wait...No. (leaves)
NATALIE: You got the word on--
CASEY: I'm not calling him Cut Man.
NATALIE: Suit yourself.
CASEY: What's on your mind?
NATALIE: You can't just do this, Casey. If you're breaking up with her, you have to break up with her.
CASEY: Natalie--
NATALIE: Casey--
CASEY: I was never going out with her.
NATALIE: You know what I'm talking about.
CASEY: No, I don't know what you're talking about, Natalie. I honestly don't. I never went out with her, not once, and hardly for lack of trying, so I don't think I do need to break up with her. And I don't think I need either one of you telling me what's good for me anymore.
NATALIE: So you're breaking up with me now.
CASEY: Look, we've all behaved ridiculously, and I'm moving on.
NATALIE: Casey--
JEREMY: I've got the punch line. No.
CASEY: Jeremy, let's get back to work.

Studio/Control Room
DAVE: 10 seconds live.
WILL: Stand by sound 4, 5, and 6A.
DANA: Show me Bally's.
CHRIS: Loading one, two, and effects two.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
ON AIR: DAN: Good evening. From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall for this special CSC presentation. Rivera, Willis, the battle by the boardwalk. A 12-round bout for the light-heavyweight championship of the world.
CASEY: Dan's talking about the entire world -- Asia...everybody. We're moments away from the bell, so let's go to Bally's Park Place in Atlantic City where Chuck Kimmel will be with us throughout the rest of the evening. Chuck, you there? Chuck?
DANA: Natalie.
CASEY: Cut Man.
CHUCK (via video feed): Hello, Casey. I'm right here at ringside at Bally's, where the breakfast buffet is $3.95, the slots are loose, and the showgirls are fantastic.

DANA: Oh, my God.
JEREMY: No, I've been there. It's true.

CASEY: And how about a prediction?
CHUCK: Well, when it comes to the sweet science, I'm not much on predictions, Casey, but I will say this: one of these fighters is gonna win this bout tonight, and the other will almost surely not.
DAN: Cut Man going out on a limb.
CASEY: Chuck?
CASEY: Cut Man?
CHUCK: Yes, sir?
CASEY: How many rounds?
CHUCK: 12 rounds in the bout, Casey.
CASEY: Yes, I meant how many of those do you think they're actually gonna have to -- h-- how long's the fight gonna be?
CHUCK: It's gonna go the distance, Casey.
DAN: You think so?
CHUCK: Absolutely, Casey.
DAN: I'm Dan.
CHUCK: So strap yourselves in, folks. We're in for the night. 12 rounds from here at Bally's Park Place, just a stone's throw down the boardwalk from where a new Miss America was crowned just a few months ago. Miss Rochester, I believe it was.
DAN: Ok, well, uh, Rochester's not a state, but we'll have somebody look that up.

ELLIOT: I'll go.
DANA: Sit down.
JEREMY: Rivera's looking good.
KIM: What are you looking at?
JEREMY: The fight.
KIM: The fight hasn't started good.
JEREMY: I meant in his robe.
WILL: It's a nice robe.
JEREMY: It really is.
NATALIE: You want a robe like that, pumpkin?
JEREMY: To tell you the truth, I--
DANA: Shut up about the robe.

CASEY: No, it's a city, Cut Man, in upstate New York. Contestants in the Miss America pageant have to come from one of the 50 states.
CHUCK: Well, I hate to correct you on your own show, Casey, but there's 52 states with Alaska and Rhode Island.
CHUCK: Though I'm no college professor, you see.
DAN: That's almost hard to believe, Cut Man.
CHUCK: Thank you, Casey.
DAN: Hey, Cut Man, you see that television monitor under your camera?
CHUCK: Yes, sir.
DAN: I'm Dan, he's Casey. We're ringside at Bally's Park Place, and the voice in my ear says we're ready to go right now.
CASEY: Is this guy drunk or a moron?
DAN: Like there's no chance he could be both?
DANA: (walks up to the desk)Casey, what the hell was that?
CASEY: We'll be fine.
DANA: No, I mean, what the hell was that?
CASEY: Hey, I wasn't the one who picked this guy, Dana.
DANA: Eight years on television, you couldn't help him out?
CASEY: What are you talking about?
DANA: How much time were you gonna spend on the Miss America pageant?
CASEY: Dana, it was funny. It was good television.
DANA: It's fight coverage, Casey. You're not doing Letterman right now.
CASEY: What the hell--
DANA: I'm going in and watching the fight. This is an important night. Get it together. (walks off)
DAN: You know, she knows about--
KIM: Good so far.
DAN: Really?
KIM: Yeah.
DAN: Were you watching?
KIM: Not really.
DAN: You know, she knows about--
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: What do you want to do about it?
CASEY: I want to watch the fight.
DAN: All right.

Dan and Casey leave the desk and head to the control room.

JEREMY: Miss Louisiana, by the way.
CASEY: You looked it up?
JEREMY: Saw the pageant.
NATALIE: Here we go.
CASEY: Let me tell you what's gonna happen now. They're gonna start out slow, a touch here, a jab there, they'll dance, feel each other out. They'll look in each other's eyes. The hunt is long and requires patience. It is the unsophisticated pugilist who comes--
NATALIE: Oh, my God.
DANA: Get up.
JEREMY: He's down.
DANA: Get up.
ELLIOT: I don't think he's getting up.
DANA: Get up.
NATALIE: Fight's over.
ANNOUNCER (via video feed): ...9, 10. It is over. (Everyone scrambles to get ready to go on air.)

DAVE: We're in the studio in 60 seconds.
NATALIE: I need animation.
CHRIS: Stand by, all systems.
NATALIE: I need it now.
WILL: Animation's up.
DANA: This isn't happening to me.

DAN: Seven seconds.
DAN: The fight lasted seven seconds.
CASEY: The fight game is complex.
DAN: The fight game sucks.
CASEY: What should we talk about?
DAN: What should we talk about?
CASEY: The analysis.
DAN: The fight lasted seven seconds, Casey. We're gonna have to go back to counting states.

DAVE: 15 seconds.
ELLIOT: How much were we blocked for here?
JEREMY: 18 minutes.
KIM: And how much do they have to fill?
JEREMY: An hour and a half.
DAVE: In 3, 2...

DAN: Well, welcome back. Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. In a match that served as a fine example of just how good this sport can be, Henry Rivera sent Clayton Willis to the mat in just seven seconds into round one. We'll break the fight down nanosecond by nanosecond and have a word with the once and future champ, Henry Rivera, but first we've got Chuck Kimmel standing by live. Chuck?
DAN: Cut Man.
CHUCK: Casey--
DAN: Dan.
CHUCK: I'll just say this, that was a hell of a bout.
CASEY: Yes, indeed.
DAN: What do you suppose happened there?
CHUCK: First round knockout, Dan.

ISAAC: What the hell's going on here?
DANA: Isaac--
ISAAC: I was taking a nap. I told you to wake me up before the fight started.
NATALIE: We forgot.
ISAAC: You forgot?
DANA: She's not your nanny, Isaac.
ISAAC: I've been looking forward to this fight for a week. I like to see it from the beginning. Uh, Jeremy, what have I missed so far?
JEREMY: The whole time, he was talking to you two. Why do I have to answer that question?
ISAAC: What did I miss?
JEREMY: You missed the fight, Isaac.
ISAAC: What are you talking about?
DANA: Rivera knocked him out in seven seconds. Give me sound on four.
ISAAC: The fight's over?
ISAAC: The fight's over?
JEREMY: The fight was seven seconds, Isaac. We're on the air for another 88 minutes. I have a hunch we're gonna be able to replay it a couple of times.

DANA: Casey, ask him what kind of punch he threw.
CASEY: What did he throw, Cut Man?
CHUCK: It was a right hook with a bit of a jab.
CASEY: A jabbing right hook.
CHUCK: That's right, Casey.
CASEY: And he did it with his left hand.
CHUCK: This fighter's got remarkable skills. He's not to be trifled with, Casey.

DANA: I thought they were supposed to be prepared, Natalie.
DANA: Let me see some of that homework you're supposed to have done, Casey.
CASEY: Cut Man, this has to be a heartbreaking loss for Clayton Willis. Do you think the outcome would have been any different if Willis had taken mild doses of physic to work on his bowels?
CHUCK: No doubt about it, Casey.
ISAAC: Bowels, Jeremy?
JEREMY: Who the hell gave that question to Casey?
NATALIE: Sit down.
DAVE: 10 seconds to commercial.
CASEY: Cut Man?
CHUCK: Yes, Dan?
CASEY: Uh, no, it's still Casey. We're gonna take a short commercial break, after which, believe it or not, we're gonna talk about this some more. Stay tuned.

DAVE: We're out.
KIM: Three minutes back.
DANA: I'm gonna kill them.
ISAAC: Dana--
DANA: Let me do my job, Isaac.
ISAAC: They're making it work. They're having fun.
DANA: They're turning this into a joke.
ISAAC: Where else are they supposed to go with it?
DANA: Excuse me.
ISAAC: Can I talk to you outside?
DANA: Yes.
JEREMY: Casey, remember, it's a good idea to get naked and have two men rub you down with soft Turkish towels.
CASEY: And that's to harden the skin?
JEREMY: Yes, sir.

DAN: Well, you got to figure this -- at least my dad'll beat the traffic.
CASEY: Look, your dad can't blame you for the fight.
DAN: Why not? Dana's blaming you for the fight.
CASEY: That's a fair point.
DAN: He wasn't psyched at all, Casey. He doesn't care what I'm doing. He thinks I'm a jackass.
CASEY: I don't think he does. I think he just acts like he does.
DAN: It doesn't make a difference.
CASEY: Well, it should.
DAN: It doesn't.
CASEY: Someday it might.
DAN: You think?
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: Soon?
CASEY: Actually, yeah. Soon.
DAVE: 90 seconds back.
Dana approaches the desk.

DANA: Hello.
CASEY: Hello.
DANA: Can I talk to you a second?
CASEY: Sure.

They walk backstage.
DANA: Listen--
CASEY: Dana, we are doing the very best we can. Now, it has nothing to do with lack of preparation. It has everything to do with the 7-second contest and a color man who has no business being on the air, and whom it was not my job to get.
DANA: I'm not mad at you.
DANA: You've been funny tonight. You both have. We've got a long night to go, but you're doing great.
CASEY: Thank you.
DANA: I stopped being mad at you. I think you know that the other night I went to look for you and Jack said that you'd gone off with--
CASEY: Yeah.
DANA: And I was mad at you because, well...I was jealous, obviously, but -- and it's not like I hadn't taken that into account when I came up with the brilliant plan in the first place -- it was never my intention to make you feel like there was something wrong with you that needed to be fixed. It was regrettable that I did that.
CASEY: Well, the thing is, there's been 15 years of it from you, Dana, and frankly, from my marriage too, and I know you don't deserve the bill for that, but, uh... Well, I just want to move on.
DANA: Yeah.
DAVE: 30 seconds back.
CASEY: I gotta go back.
DANA: Ok. Casey? If I were to ask you out tonight, would you say yes?
CASEY: No. But ask me again another time. (goes back to his desk)
DANA: Ok. (goes back to the control room)

DAN: You all right?
DAN: You sure?
CASEY: Yeah, let's have some fun.

DAVE: In 10.
NATALIE: Everything all right?
DANA: Yep.
NATALIE: Are you sure?
DANA: It's over.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
CASEY: Welcome back. I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell, sending out the good vibe to his father, Jacob, who's sitting and watching his son on television right now, whether he says so or not.
DAN: We've got Chuck "The Cut Man" Kimmel in Atlantic City, and for those of you still watching at home, please give us a call and tell us why. CSC's coverage of the big fight continues.


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