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Season 2: Episode 14: And The Crowd Goes Wild

Studio/Control Room:
DAN: Adding to Milwaukee's woes, Tayshaun Reed was just 2 for 16 and 0 for 6 at the line. Commenting on his sub-par performance after the game, Reed said, "my head just wasn't in the game." Anyone knowing the location of Reed's head should contact the proper authorities.
Dana laughs.
DAVE: Stand 40 and 40A.
WILL: 40A standing.
CHRIS: Stand by.
DANA: "Contact the proper authorities."
DANA: Didn't you think that was funny?
NATALIE: I did think it was funny.
DANA: You didn't laugh.
NATALIE: What do you want from me? (into mic) Judy, we're 40 seconds fat, so keep it close, ok?

DAVE: Go 40, go 40A.
CHRIS: Stand by 50s.
WILL: Stand by sound 22.
DANA: Did you think it was funny?
DANA: "Contact the proper authorities."
DANA: You didn't laugh. Am I bothering you?
DANA: Am I bothering you?
DAVE: You're bothering me, if that's--
DANA: Shut up.

CASEY: Coming up, the Kings go hunting for Grizzlies, and Houston goes hunting for a power forward. Plus, we're gonna keep you up to date on this situation outside the Garden. By way of a PSA, if you're watching us here in Manhattan, you're gonna want to avoid 34th Street for a little while. This is Sports Night on CSC, we'll be right back.

DAVE: We're out.
ELLIOT: Two minutes back.
DANA: What is the situation at the Garden?
JEREMY: They've made 15 arrests so far, but that news is 20 minutes old.
DANA: Any injuries?
JEREMY: Scrapes and bruises.
NATALIE: There's some property damage.
JEREMY: I didn't get that.
NATALIE: It's coming in right now.
DANA: You guys want to work together a little bit?
JEREMY: I'll get it off the wire.
DANA: You guys want to work together a little bit?
NATALIE: Now you're bothering me.
DANA: Fine.
KIM: 90 seconds.

CASEY: Kim, the teleprompter said "Houston goes bunting for a new power forward."
KIM: It said "hunting."
CASEY: No, I'm looking right at it.
KIM: So am I.
ELLIOT: It's a poor workman who blames his tools, Casey.
CASEY: You're right.
ELLIOT: It's an old saying.
CASEY: No, I mean it says "hunting."
KIM: Yeah.
CASEY: From the desk, it looked like "bunting."
DAN: Come here.
CASEY: What?
DAN: Come here. Sit down.
CASEY: What are you doing?
DAN: Let me take a look and see what we got here.
CASEY: Ah, would you get away from me?
DAN: Let me take a look. (waves light by Casey's eyes)Uh huh.
CASEY: There's some-- There's some blurring sometimes.
DAN: Blurring?
CASEY: Yeah.
DAN: Blurring of anything specific?
CASEY: Yeah, the things I'm looking at.
DAN: Huh, all right.
CASEY: What are you doin'?
DAN: Yeah, it could be a tumor.
CASEY: Get away from me.
DAN: Something on the optic nerve, something in the brain.
CASEY: I need new contacts.
DAN: Don't rule out a tumor.

NATALIE: Thirty seconds live.
SAM: (enters) Good evening.
SAM: What's going on at the Garden?
DANA: St. Mary's won the final in the Interborough High School Basketball Tournament, and a riot, actually, has broken out on 34th Street.
SAM: Really?
DANA: I didn't get you a cake.
SAM: I'm sorry?
DANA: For your last day. I hope you weren't expecting a cake.
SAM: I wasn't.
DANA: There wasn't a lot of time today.
SAM: I wasn't expecting a cake.
DANA: Tayshaun Reed said his head wasn't in the game and Dan said anyone seeing his head should "contact the proper authorities." (giggles, while Sam simply looks at her) I thought it was really funny. Very tough house tonight.
DAVE: In 3, 2...
DAN: Welcome back.


News Room
JEREMY: Natalie?
JEREMY: Hey, I need to talk to you.
NATALIE: You are talking to me.
JEREMY: That's right.
NATALIE: Uh, what do you need?
JEREMY: I guess I can't say "I need to talk to you," without talking to you.
JEREMY: It's ironic.
NATALIE: What are you, Alanis Morissette?
NATALIE: I'm sorry, was that reference too hip for you? She's a recording artist, and, like, 4 billion people listen to her music.
JEREMY: I want my stuff.
NATALIE: What stuff?
JEREMY: My stuff at your apartment.
CHRIS: (walks by) Hey, Jeremy. Hey, Nat.
JEREMY: Hey, Chris. Stuff at your apartment.
NATALIE: Yes, you told me.
NATALIE: I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you. My moving van's been in the shop.
JEREMY: It's, like, one carton.
EXTRA GUY: Good morning.
NATALIE: Good morning. (Natalie leaves with Extra Guy. Dan walks over.
DAN: Hey, Jeremy.
DAN: What's going on?
JEREMY: The captain of the Ukrainian handball team thinks they've got a good chance to medal in Sydney.
DAN: I meant in general.
JEREMY: Ah, nothing.
DAN: Nothing, what?
JEREMY: Nothing, sir?
DAN: Jeremy--
JEREMY: I'm workin' here.
DAN: Ok, well, keep me posted on the Ukrainian handball captain because we may want to break in on regular programming with that one.
JEREMY: You asked.
DAN: Yeah, yeah.

Dan & Casey's Office
Dan enters his office and bursts out laughing, seeing Casey wearing a pair of very dark sunglasses.
DAN: Hello.
CASEY: Hello.
DAN: Are you going to be doing "Georgia on My Mind" later?
CASEY: I saw an ophthalmologist this morning.
DAN: Tumor?
CASEY: New contacts, but he dilated my pupils for the exam, and I have to wear these until the medication wears off.
DAN: Well, it's a little bit much for an eye exam, isn't it?
DAN: So then why does he--
CASEY: 'Cause I had him check for a tumor, Danny.
DAN: Ok, well, it's good to get a second opinion like that.
CASEY: Ah, thank you.
DAN: So, how long did he say it was gonna--
CASEY: Six to eight hours.
DAN: You'll be fine for the show.
CASEY: No, I have to write the show and I can't see the keys and I can't see the screen.
DAN: Ah.
DAN: I, myself, am a touch-typist.
CASEY: You took typing?
DAN: Sure.
DAN: Very important.
CASEY: You wanted to get out of pre-calc or something?
DAN: Choir.
DANA: (enters) How are you today, Mr. Nicholson?
CASEY: Dana.
DAN: I was doing Ray Charles.
DANA: Could have done Ray Charles. Could have done Stevie Wonder. Could have done Mr. Jose Feliciano.
CASEY: Oh, I'd like to shove a piano--
DAN: Oh, there's a lady in the room.
CASEY: Well, how would I know that?
DANA: Are you able to write?
CASEY: Of course I'm able to write.
DANA: We can bring someone in to--
CASEY: I'm able to write. (sits down at his desk and beings typing on the computer)
DANA: Suit yourself.
CASEY: Anything else?
DANA: I didn't get Sam a cake.
DAN: Ok.
DANA: 'Cause I think he'd see right through it. Don't you?
DAN: Don't I what?
DANA: Think he'd see right through it -- the hypocrisy.
DAN: The hypocrisy of a cake?
DANA: Pretending we're gonna miss him when the truth is we're relieved.
DAN: I'm not relieved.
DANA: Well, that's fine, Danny, but you're not the one that had to answer to him for three months.
DAN: Sure.
DANA: He took control of the show.
DAN: I understand.
DANA: He took control of everything.
DAN: I know.
DANA: And so, if I'm relieved to see him go, I think it's not that out of line.
DAN: Nobody here's fighting with you.
DANA: Ok. See ya. (leaves)
DAN: You can't see anything right now, can you?
DAN: You're just typing gibberish?
DAN: Ok.

DANA: Hey.
DANA: What's going on?
JEREMY: The captain of the Ukrainian handball team--
DANA: With you and Natalie?
JEREMY: Look, Dana, it's gonna take some time.
DANA: What's gonna take some time?
JEREMY: I'm saying, after a breakup--
DANA: Who broke up?
JEREMY: She didn't tell you?
DANA: Who broke up?
JEREMY: Natalie and I.
DANA: What?
JEREMY: I just assumed you knew already.
DANA: Excuse me. (Dana walks to the conference room.)

Conference Room/Hallways
NATALIE: Something better than $250,000 in property damage. It turns out--
DANA: Hello. Come with me.
DANA: Come with me.
DANA: When were you gonna tell me?
NATALIE: I assume you're talking about Jeremy?
DANA: Yes, you assume I'm talking-- yes-- Jeremy.
NATALIE: What about it?
DANA: When were you gonna tell me?
NATALIE: That's funny, it sounded like you said, "When were you gonna tell me?" when what I'm sure you said was, "Is there anything I can do for you?"
DANA: You're absolutely right. I meant--
NATALIE: Don't worry about it.
DANA: What do you mean, don't worry about it?
NATALIE: It's one of those things.
DANA: One of what things?
NATALIE: Whatever.
DANA: Whatever?
DANA: When did this happen?
NATALIE: A few days ago.
DANA: Why have you just been--
NATALIE: Look, Dana, I'd like it if just once in a while I didn't get a review on my behaviour from you, and in this case, especially from you. Not every woman in the world falls apart when she breaks up with her boyfriend.
DANA: Whoa. Oh-- Ok.
NATALIE: Whatever. I gotta get back in there.

Dan & Casey's Office
Casey listens intently while Dan types.
CASEY: Ah, you see?
DAN: What?
CASEY: I just heard it.
DAN: What?
CASEY: You just spelled "irreversible" with one R.
DAN: I spelled it with two R's.
CASEY: I only heard one.
DAN: Go home, would you?
CASEY: My other senses have come alive, Danny.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: I'm a little scared of getting trapped in a fire.
DAN: I understand.
CASEY: You'd help me to safety?
DAN: If there wasn't anything else better to do.
CASEY: Like what?
DAN: Save myself.
CASEY: My senses have come alive.
DAN: (looking into News Room) Uh-oh.
CASEY: What?
DAN: Mmm-mm.
CASEY: What, what, what, is there a fire?
DAN: Yeah, there's a big fire, Casey. That's why I'm saying "uh-oh" and "mmm."
CASEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's going on?
DAN: Peter Sadler's here.
CASEY: Uh-oh.
CASEY: What?! What?! Casey throws himself to the floor. Dan laughs at him. There's nothing there, is there?
DAN: That's one, baby. It's gonna be a long day.
PETER: (enters) Hey, guys.
DAN: Hey, Peter.
PETER: Ah, Roy Orbison. Cool.
DAN: Roy Orbison's another one I could have gone with.
CASEY: How are you doin', Peter?
DAN: Whatever we've done, I'm sure it's Casey's fault.
PETER: Haven't done anything.
CASEY: Good.
PETER: But do me a favor, would you? Next time you say "Curt Shnittke" on the air, slow it down a little.
DAN: No problem.
PETER: Isaac in his office?
DAN: I think so.
PETER: All right, take it easy. Dan, Casey.
CASEY: Peter, my senses -- they've come alive.
PETER: Hit the high note in "Cryin'," and I'll be impressed. (walks out and runs into Dana)
DANA: Peter.
PETER: Dana.
DANA: What did we do?
PETER: Nothing.
DANA: Shnittke's a hard name to pronounce.
PETER: I'm here to see Isaac.
DANA: About what?
PETER: Well, I suppose if it was your business, I'd be here to see you.
DANA: Ooh. Stunning comeback.
PETER: I'll see you later.
DANA: Hang on. (sticks her head in Dan & Casey's office) Hello.
DAN: Hello.
CASEY: Hello.
DANA: Please don't talk when you look that ridiculous. Did you guys know about Jeremy and Natalie?
DAN: What about 'em?
DANA: Ok. Stay right here -- I'm gonna go with Peter to see Isaac to find out what this new mythigoss is about.
DAN: Mishigoss.
DANA: I'm getting better.
DAN: Tell building maintenance to call an exterminator, would you?
DANA: Why?
DAN: We got bugs all over this office.
DANA: Where?
DAN: Right there, crawling up the couch. (Casey spazzes and Dan laughs.) That's two, baby.
DANA: Actually, can I get in on this?
DAN: It's like tuna fish in a barrel around here.
DANA: Don't go anywhere.

Isaac's Office
PETER: Hey, Isaac.
ISAAC: Hey, Peter, how are you?
DANA: I'm here too.
ISAAC: Thank God.
DANA: What's going on?
ISAAC: Were we served?
PETER: About an hour ago.
DANA: What's going on?
ISAAC: They want all the tape?
PETER: In 48 hours. I told them we would not have a problem with that.
DANA: What's going on?
ISAAC: We got subpoenaed.
DANA: Cool. What did we do?
PETER: Uh, Manhattan D.A.'s office wants the footage of the riot you shot last night.
DANA: Why?
PETER: It's evidence.
DANA: Let's refuse.
DANA: Just to be ornery.
ISAAC: The two of you can get out now.
DANA: What happens if we refuse?
PETER: Ah, you'd be cited for contempt.
DANA: What happens then?
PETER: Go to jail.
DANA: I wouldn't do well in jail.
PETER: No. See you later.
ISAAC: Take care, Peter. (Peter leaves) What?
DANA: Did you know about Jeremy and Natalie?
DANA: Ok, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take care of this footage and then I'm gonna stop by Dan and Casey's office to fill them in on Jeremy and Natalie. Then I'm gonna come back here and I'm gonna talk to you.
ISAAC: That sounds good. Why don't you do everything you just said, except coming back here and talking to me?
DANA: Oh, how you like to kid.
DANA: We could do it, you know. Refuse to hand over the tape and go to jail for a First Amendment principle.
ISAAC: Ah, Dana. Don't you think if I could have figured out a way to send you to prison, I would have done it already?
DANA: You're a regular cut up there, skipper.
ISAAC: Get out.

Hallways/News Room
NATALIE: 2:40 or 2:14?
KIM: 2:40.
NATALIE: Kobe Bryant?
KIM: They said two hours.
NATALIE: Two hours, the offer's gone. Call them back and tell them I need to know in 30 minutes.
JEREMY: Hello.
JEREMY: Can I ask you this?
JEREMY: Can I just keep my keys to let myself in?
JEREMY: Why not?
NATALIE: To let yourself in?
JEREMY: Natalie--
JEREMY: It's not like--
NATALIE: You'll get your Magic 8 Ball back, ok?
ELLIOT: Natalie.
ELLIOT: Dana needs you in her office.
NATALIE: Thank you. (Elliot leaves) You'll get your stuff.

Dana's Office
NATALIE: You needed to see me?
DANA: Hey. How much footage did we shoot outside the Garden last night?
NATALIE: 38 minutes.
DANA: You need to give it to Peter Sadler in legal.
DANA: It's been subpoenaed, believe it or not.
DANA: The Manhattan D.A.'s office thinks it can help them to identify the-- whatever it is you call the people who started it-- the instigators.
NATALIE: And you're gonna give it to them?
DANA: Yeah.
NATALIE: You're gonna just hand it over?
DANA: Yeah.
NATALIE: That's great, Dana.
DANA: Why shouldn't we?
NATALIE: 'Cause we don't just hand over. Uh, unused footage is the same as a reporter's notes, which means if we challenge the subpoena--
DANA: We're not challenging the subpoena.
NATALIE: Why not?
DANA: What, are you crazy?
NATALIE: No, I'm saying, if we start compromising--
DANA: Natalie, if you want to talk about Jeremy, I'm available to you. Otherwise, dub a 1/2 inch tape off the beta for Peter Sadler. (Natalie leaves.)

Dan & Casey's Office
CASEY: Read back to me what we got so far.
DAN: "The Sooners of Oklahoma."
DAN: It's a good start.
CASEY: I can't do this.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: I can't.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: I can't dictate.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: Writing for me is a tactile experience.
DAN: A what?
CASEY: A tactile experience-- it's in the fingers.
DAN: Ok.
CASEY: Read it back to me again.
DAN: Casey.
CASEY: Yeah?
DAN: I am sitting here writing your script for you. Don't worry about it.
CASEY: Ok. I like alliteration, you know.
DANA: (enters) Hey.
CASEY: Hey, Kim.
DANA: Dana.
DANA: Jeremy and Natalie broke up.
DAN: Really?
DANA: Yeah.
DANA: I don't know.
CASEY: Why not?
DANA: Could you take those off?
CASEY: My pupils are dilated.
DANA: Your brain is dilated.
CASEY: Why'd they break up?
DANA: I honestly don't know.
DAN: Natalie hasn't talked to you?
DANA: No. On the other hand, she has gotten very angry that we're turning the riot footage over to the D.A.
CASEY: Interesting.
DANA: Yeah.
CASEY: Puzzlement.
DANA: Casey--
CASEY: No, 'cause I could be, like, a blind detective; have my own tv show.
DANA: You do have your own tv show.
CASEY: Ah, yes, the student becomes the teacher.
DANA: Anyway, this is what's going on today, so it's a good day to be nice.
DAN: I'm always nice.
DANA: Rundown's at 10.
DAN: By the way, Dana, you look hot today.
CASEY: Wait, wait, wait, wait, what are you wearing?
DAN: That's three, Johnny.

Editing Room
DANA: Hey.
DANA: What are you doin'?
JEREMY: Home ice advantage.
DANA: Hmm?
JEREMY: Home ice advantage. The advantage of having the home ice.
DANA: I'll be curious to see that.
JEREMY: Yeah, you and me both. Do you need anything?
JEREMY: 'Cause I'm pretty behind with this.
DANA: So, you and Natalie... is this one of those things or is it real?
JEREMY: We broke up, if that's what you're asking.
DANA: Yeah, but it could blow over.
JEREMY: It's not gonna blow over today, so...
DANA: Yeah. If you need any pointers, I've gotten very good at being single.
JEREMY: Nah, I appreciate it, but I'm fine.
DANA: I used to mind a lot, but now, not so much. I used to mind, uh, not being with a guy after the show. That's when I'd always... I don't know why. Maybe it was because it was the end of the day or maybe... You know, you're the boss all day long, and you're barking out these orders and you just want... I don't know. A check on your femininity when you're done. Anyway, I don't mind being alone anymore, you know? I go to sleep and... the night's over before you know it.
JEREMY: Yeah, you know, you get home, you open a can of spaghetti and meatballs--
DANA: A can of spaghetti and meatballs?
JEREMY: Yeah, like you heat up.
DANA: Yeah, like soup.
JEREMY: Well, you don't add water.
JEREMY: Anyway...
DANA: Home ice advantage.
JEREMY: I'll have it in a half hour?

Sam's Office
Sam is boxing up his belongings.
SAM: Yes?
DANA: You're off.
SAM: Yep.
DANA: You going straight to the airport?
SAM: Yeah.
DANA: You could wait 'til after the show, you know?
SAM: I gotta make the flight.
DANA: There are flights to Chicago every hour. We could book you on--
SAM: I'm not going to Chicago yet.
DANA: Where are you going?
SAM: Angkor Wat.
DANA: Angkor Wat?
SAM: Yeah.
DANA: In Cambodia?
SAM: Yeah.
DANA: There's a television network in Cambodia with ratings problems?
SAM: I'm taking a week off first.
DANA: Oh, you're vacationing in Cambodia.
SAM: Yes.
DANA: I see.
SAM: It's nice that we could help out the police, don't you think?
DANA: You could take a flight tomorrow. I realize it'd cut your vacation short a day, but on the other hand, it's one less day in Cambodia.
SAM: You'd like Cambodia.
DANA: I swear to God I wouldn't.
SAM: Dana, you know, it-- it's just the way it is. It's-- it's the way it is. I don't stick around places.
DANA: I understand. Look, your job, it--
SAM: It's my job, yeah, but it's me. I mean, I make my job this way. I-- you wouldn't know it to listen to me, but... I get attached -- is I think what happens -- to a place, and then things change and I have an adverse reaction to that. So I sort of pre-emptively change them myself.
DANA: That's really sad, Sam.
SAM: Hey, you know what? I'm the guy that's got to live inside of this thing 24 hours a day, so...
DANA: Yeah. You did a really good job while you were here. I never gave you enough credit for that.
SAM: Yeah, you did.
DANA: And you're a good friend to Isaac.
SAM: So are you.
DANA: (starts to leave, then changes her mind and kisses Sam) Stay tonight. I'll get a cake. Any kind of cake you want. Seriously.
SAM: It's gonna be a long time 'til I'm back here, Dana.
DANA: Then stay tonight.
SAM: Ok.
DANA: Yeah?
SAM: Yeah.
DANA: What kind of cake do you want?
SAM: Uh, wh-- whatever.
DANA: Come on.
SAM: What do you like?
DANA: Strawberry?
SAM: There you go. (Dana kisses him once more and leaves)

Isaac's Office
ISAAC: Hey, Natalie.
NATALIE: I know it's not my place, but I want to say I think it's terrible you're handing over the tape.
NATALIE: You know why.
ISAAC: Natalie--
NATALIE: We're a news organization.
ISAAC: I'm aware of that.
NATALIE: Are you telling me the next time someone calls us to tell us who's fixing college basketball, we got to hand them over to the police?
NATALIE: What are you saying?
ISAAC: I'm saying we're handing this over to the police.
NATALIE: What's the difference?
ISAAC: Deep Throat's not on that tape. There's no one we need to protect. We shot a crime scene. We're helping out the police.
NATALIE: There's a bigger principle.
ISAAC: No, there's not.
NATALIE: How about the First Amendment?
ISAAC: The First Amendment's great, Natalie, but I don't think we need to protect ourselves behind it just because we can.
NATALIE: Well, I've said my piece.
ISAAC: Natalie?
ISAAC: What's wrong?
NATALIE: Nothing.
ISAAC: What's wrong?
NATALIE: I just-- I don't know-- Maybe journalism holds a romance--
ISAAC: This isn't about the tape.
NATALIE: Yes, it is.
ISAAC: Did you and Jeremy have a fight?
NATALIE: We broke up.
ISAAC: I'm sorry to hear that.
NATALIE: It's fine.
ISAAC: Well, you two will find your way back.
ISAAC: Would you like to take the night off?
NATALIE: I'm not upset about this, Isaac. I'm upset because there's a principle, a bedrock principle that doesn't change, and now I'm supposed to hand over these things. I'm supposed to hand over these things that are ours. (Isaac opens his arms and Natalie breaks down crying while hugging Isaac)
ISAAC: It's ok. It's ok, baby. It's ok.
KIM: 5 minutes to air. First team in the studio. 5 minutes
ISAAC: It's all right. It's ok. It's ok.

News Room
DAN: Casey.
CASEY: This is a big step.
DAN: Let's go.
CASEY: The removal of the glasses.
DAN: Casey. (Casey takes off his sunglasses. Dan starts to lead him to the studio.)
DAN: Come on.
CASEY: Very bright.
DAN: Let's go.
CASEY: Danny, would you give me a break? The whole room just went supernova.
DAN: We're late.
CASEY: Yeah, d-- did they print the script in-- in big type?
DAN: Yes.
CASEY: Super big?
DAN: Yes.
CASEY: I am not gong to be able to read off the teleprompter.
DAN: Script's in big type.
CASEY: And I'm very light sensitive right now.
DAN: Well, it's a tv studio, so I wouldn't worry about it.
CASEY: Yeah, well, my senses are alive, Danny.
DAN: You're about to walk into a glass wall.
CASEY: I'm done with that now. (walks into a glass wall)
DAN: That's four.

Studio/Control Room
KIM: 60 seconds live.
Dan and Casey slowly walk through the Control Room
DANA: You guys took your time.
DAN: Please, I got Jerry Lewis strapped to my back.
CASEY: In case any of you were wondering, I'm fine, by the way.
DANA: Get in there.
CASEY: Actually, I ran into a wall before.
DANA: Get in there!
DAVE: 30 seconds live.
Natalie enters.
DANA: Were you crying?
DANA: Do you want anything?
NATALIE: Can we talk after the show?
DANA: Yeah. Hey, I'm gonna have a cake for Sam. We'll slip off and talk.
NATALIE: Good. Thanks.
DANA: Hey, it's strawberry cake.
DAVE: In 3, 2...

DAN: Good evening. From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Those stories plus Kobe Bryant on how to shoot down the Rockets and Bobby Knight on letting a snarl be your umbrella.
CASEY: We've got the Heat going cold and an Avalanche in Colorado...
Sam watches Dana through a window, then turns and leaves without anyone noticing.
CASEY: ...All that coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.


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